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  • Surprise your guests with a green detail on your wedding day! Give this cardboard flower pot as a gift, play with the colours to create different options and finish decorating it with personalised labels. An economical and beautiful option to give as a gift at any event.

  • Looking to make a gift pack for your wedding couples? Here's an idea for you today! Start by choosing a large box in which to include several gifts, add the details you want to include and finish off with a romantic touch with this velvet bow. This box, due to its large dimensions and resistance, is perfect to be reused later.

  • The perfect gift bag for any event! This box in size L is ideal to keep inside all the gifts of the event and then your guests can take it as a souvenir. Its structure makes it resistant to withstand weight without breaking. Its attractive design will make you fall in love from the first moment.

  • Our matchbox is a favorite of all jewelry brands. A simple but elegant basic that is easy to assemble and has a great finish. Take a look at the box we've created together with HEYLOVE and get inspired to make your own - if you need help, our design team will be happy to advise you!

  • Let's shine! The fashion accessories brand ByCris has trusted us to create their gift bag, a simple but attractive design to conquer their customers with a careful packaging. Choose our bag and add personalization with a sticker personalized with your brand, logo, etc. 

  • With its matchstick-style lid design, this gift card or gift voucher slider box offers easy and stylish access to the contents inside. Simply slide the lid to reveal the gift card, creating a moment of anticipation and excitement for the recipient.

  • Organise and protect your craft supplies with this stylish sliding craft box. Ideal for storing any craft supplies. Made from premium cardboard, and with a compact design, it's perfect for keeping your products in perfect condition.

  • Present and protect your chocolates with this sophisticated flip-top box. Ideal for gifts and special occasions, it keeps your sweets fresh and safe with a touch of elegance. Perfect for chocolatiers and chocolate lovers.

  • Surprise with this adorable box that looks like a matchbox, but inside can hold delicious jelly beans. Perfect as a gift or to satisfy a sweet tooth on the go. Its unique and compact design makes it ideal to carry in your pocket or purse.