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  • Nobody likes a sweet tooth, right? Today we bring you the perfect take away picnic box to give as a gift with some candy inside. Surprise your loved ones or friends with this super sweet gift. Put your sweet treats inside and finish it off with this great packaging.

  • If you're looking for a single box for your macarons, take a look at this one! Small, elegant and practical, it has it all. Ideal for use in pastry shops and other businesses where small items need to be stored.

  • Prepare your child's first communion in style! Looking for boxes to give to guests? Our picnic box is perfect! Give the guests a souvenir of this special day in our picnic box. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, do you like any of them?

  • Get every little detail ready for a unique wedding. Here we show you an decorative idea so your Wedding Party Boxes look really original. Fill it up with as many little gifts, souvenirs and other bits and bobs as you can. Be inspired by this box and let your imagination roam free, so your boxes add that unique touch only they can give your wedding. The magic is in the little details!

  • Decorate this simple yet pretty gift box, adding a unique and adorable touch to your gifts. You can use our ideas for inspiration, so yours are even more special. Surprise everyone!

  • Get inspired by our ideas to decorate your own wedding box. Conquer your guests with a nice design when you give them their beautiful gift. Because the best ones come in a small box, and even better if you've decorated it yourself.

  • This gift box with a flower-shaped opening is as simple as it is pretty, and it really stands out. With your imagination it can become a real beauty. Be inspired and with a little help on our side show is how pretty it can be.

  • 1,23 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • This card envelope has a flower-shaped closure, ideal for wedding invitations.

  • Give these nice single handkerchief boxes to your wedding guests… For tears of happiness only! The perfect wedding favour for this special day. Add a romantic touch to them with some washi tape and flowers

  • 1,08 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Brown kraft box for wedding invitations. You’ll get a romantic result with this easy and naïve decoration.

  • White box for wedding favours. Add a rustic hint to your boxes and you'll get your perfect DIY wedding.

  • Kraft picnic box for weddings. Add a classic and romantic touch to your wedding favour boxes with this rustic decoration.

  • 2,03 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Little card box perfect for wedding favours or party invitations.

  • Square box, perfect for wedding invitations. Your guests will be delighted with them!

  • Square box for wedding favours. With a stamp in the shape of a heart and a lace edging, you’ll get a nice box. It has been decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • 0,97 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Macaron favour boxes, they are ideal as wedding favour boxes.

  • Brown kraft wedding favour box, decorated with some simple accessories that give a tender touch to your wedding favour boxes.

  • Popcorn box for candy bars. Very easy to decorate. Choose colour to add more pop to your candy bar.

  • Card presentation folder A5, perfect to hand over photos and CDs.

  • 1,16 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • This cute gift box in white, decorated with a polka dot washi tape, is perfect for delicate small presents.

  • Rectangular favour boxes perfect for any event: weddings, baby showers… Ideal for sugared almonds or any kind of sweets. Ask here if you want to purchase the box as shown in the photo.

  • Square boxes with clear lid. Perfect to custom wedding favour boxes.

  • Box for a CD. It is ideal to hand out your wedding photos. Ask here if you want to print on them over 300 units.

  • Original cardboard envelope, it is perfect to hand out a CD. Ask here if you want to print on it from 500 units.

  • Little box for macarons with clear lid. Ask here if you want to print on your boxes for orders over 500 units.

  • Original kraft gift bag for wedding invitations. You can find the stamp in any specialised stationery shop and the ribbon in any haberdashery. This box has been decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Original A5 envelope, it is ideal for wedding invitations. Ask here if you want to print on them over 500 units.

  • Original wedding favours? Surprise your wedding guests using our original gift boxes.

  • Gift bag with ribbon tied as a bow for wedding invitations. Print the wedding information on the box matching with the colour of the ribbon and the result will be amazing.

  • Leave guests with a memorable impression. This little box is designed in brown kraft with a contrasting black ribbon. Add couple’s names on the label for a personal touch.

  • This pink cardboard bag decorated by Mr. Wonderful is a beautiful bag, ideal for giving small gifts, for shops or for individuals.

    Guaranteed success!

  • Rectangular box perfect to give cookies as wedding presents. Ask here if you want your gift box in these colours or others listed on our website.

  • This simple little box in kraft colour can be used to send wedding invitations. You can include any flat object in it to go with this package you send to the guests.

  • Cardboard gift box with compartments, perfect for Valentine's Day. Ask here if you want to print orders over 300 units.

  • Designing wedding invitations is a job for MissMrs. Take inspiration from this wedding invitation in brown kraft.

  • Small cardboard bag for wedding favours. Put the wedding information on the adhesive and self-printable label and you’ll get a perfect gift for your guests.

  • Surprise someone with an invitation or gift presented in this little box. You can put CDs, travel tickets or even just a card in there to treat whoever you wish. Decorated by Lolarte Studio. 

  • A little flashy colour gift box to give as a present at Valentine’s Day or other special occasions. It’s perfect to contain candies, chocolates or any other small object in bulk.

  • Gift box for wedding favours. With this little cardboard box in an upright shape, a coloured pasta jar and a few silk sheets, we can offer your guests a unique and affordable gift. 

  • An ideal little box for presents to give to wedding guests. This specific decoration came from Olivia Soaps, and the little boxes used to contain natural lip balms.

    A cute little treat for guests at any event!

  • Looking for a little box for your wedding invitations? Try this little elongated box for wedding invitations. Simply roll up your invitation like a scroll and decorate it to give it a handmade, arts and craft touch.  

  • Little square decorated box for giving presents to wedding guests. Design your own print and impress your guests. Decorate your little box with ribbons, felt figures and baker's twine. It'll look wonderful!

  • Cardboard gift bag for wedding favours. Decorated by Olivia Soaps.

  • Give all your love as a present with this little box with a die-cut heart on the outer side. Perfect as a present for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or any special occasion with your partner!

  • Square gift box perfect for wedding favours. It is ideal for chocolates as presents for guests.

  • Small cardboard box for wedding favours. Put the couple’s name and the wedding date on the adhesive and self-printable label and it will be a perfect gift.

  • Square cardboard box for wedding favours. Ask here if you want to choose this colour for your box or other colours listed on our website.

  • Clear PVC box, perfect for wedding favours. Try to match the detail colour with the cardboard box one and you’ll get an awesome result.

  • Put some sweets in the transparent part of this fuchsia box for an adorable gift.

    Ask here if you want to get this box in this colour or other colours listed on our website.

  • Orange square gift box, perfect for wedding favours. Design a stamp with the initials of the couple and personalise your box… You’ll get nice handmade wedding favours.

  • Handmade wedding invitation with our cardboard envelope. With patterned papers you’ll get a professional and nice final result.

  • Handcrafted wedding invitation with our cardboard envelope. With patterned papers you’ll get a professional and nice final result.

  • Transparent box for weddings. Ideal as a gift for guests because it lets you see what is inside the box.

  • Bicolour cardboard box with wool decorations. Ask here if you want this little box in these colours.