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  • How pretty!

    Surprise your guests with this beautiful little gift. A pretty box for little gifts, such as sweets or sugared almonds. A box with a black base and Kraft coloured lid, decorated with a label, washi tape and golden string.

    A real cutie, this square box for sugared almonds!

  • No one will be able to resist this beautiful invitation!

    Invitations for a Baby Shower with this beautiful box for CD's or Invitations. White, decorated with yellow bunny labels, a hemp string and a Kraft label to customise with the name of the baby or the date of the celebration.

  • Save the date!

    Make sure your guests remember the date with this pretty yellow Save the date box for little gifts. You can decorate it with dried flowers and add a label.

    An original and very attractive idea!

  • Colour and joy, life is short!

    Two-colour box for little gifts, with an orange lid and a fuchsia base, decorated with a sticker with a message and some eucalyptus leaves. You can customise and decorate the box with ribbons, washi tapes and other accessories. 

    Start surprising now!

  • Wedding favours to conquer people's hearts.

    Boxes that open into a flower and sticky labels. Orange or fuchsia, lively colours to get your guests' attention. You can introduce sweets or little gifts.

    How pretty!

  • Do you want to surprise your guests with a little gift? They will go crazy for this beautiful little box for wedding favours! The perfect option to fill with sweets, USB drives, or any other little gift to remind them of the most important day of your life and thank them for being there with you.

    A little box for wedding favours, with a fuchsia cover and an orange base. Decorated with a single eucalyptus. Hooray for the happy couple!

  • Happy birthday! Surprise the little one with our turquoise blue box for sweets decorated with yellow washi tape and a printed label with a message, a rocket and the age of the child.

    No one will be able to resist this box for sweets!

    Choose the number of boxes. The amount of accessories will correspond to what you need to decorate them.



  • Be the most original and surprise your guests! With this envelope for original invitations for weddings, success is for granted! In the colour you prefer, you can customise your square invitation and add an different touch with a little peg or a string.

    Idea for a blue envelope for a blue invitation with hearts and a wooden peg.

    Long live love and weddings!

  • Are you looking for a box for little crafts? This is it! Blue with a see-through slip, you can introduce scented salts, sweets or any little crafted product. You can also customise it with a sticky label with your logo and end up with top-notch packaging!

    You can also add an original touch with decorative ribbons, washi tape and much more.

  • This box gives off so much love!

    With a pink slip and Kraft-coloured inside, you'll conquer everyone. Decorated box with dotted washi tape, a hemp string and a pretty customised label with the message "With love"

    A clear declaration of love.

  • Sweet delights for your guests!

    No one can resist a sweet, and if we present it like this, it becomes even harder to resist. Box for macaroons for weddings. Yellow, with a decorative ribbon with hearts, a grey label and a round customised sticker.

    You can add the name of the person, the date of your wedding or any other pretty message.

    An idea you can eat right up!

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  • 1,64 € /u
    for 20 kits
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  • This simple decoration will give an elegant, delicate touch to your gift boxes. A little ribbon or tape, a tag, and a small decoration are all you need to make your packaging extra special.

  • Got a fantastic gift to give and you need the packaging to match? It's easy with our simple decorative ideas. All you need are some tape or ribbon and tags to give your gift an elegant touch. They'll love it!

  • Something as seemingly mundane as cutlery can be turned into a show-stopper with the right packaging. This box, along with some additional accessories, cutlery, or pencils, can become something that'll amaze your recipient.

  • Could this box get any cuter? Get inspired by our simple ideas to decorate your mouse-shaped box with accessories that'll wow everybody. The kids will love it!

  • Do you want your small gift boxes to be truly unique this Christmas? It's easy with this square box. Its simple design makes it perfect for adding extra little touches.

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  • Original presents for newborns in original gift boxes! The El osito con zapatos nuevos items fit nicely in our macaron boxes.

  • This gift bag for sugared almonds is the perfect packaging for events such as communions, weddings, and christenings. Choose your favourite sugared almonds and present them in a beautiful blue bag as an attractive gift. Use the label to add the name and date, then secure with our fine hemp twine for beautiful results. Choose a windowless bag to keep the contents a surprise!

  • Sugared almonds need good packaging to make sure they stay intact throughout your event. Our blue coloured cardboard gift box is suitable for both weddings and christenings. Just choose the colour and size then treat your guests to this lovely gift.

  • Some boxes speak for themselves and this little box for sugared almonds is small but perfectly formed. This kraft coloured cardboard box comes in just one size. Perfect for events such as communions which require small boxes for little hands! Add a simple, elegant decoration such as a piece of yellow baker’s twine to contrast with the colour of the box and give it a fresh, springlike feel.

  • Everybody loves sweets! Are you looking for pretty gift packaging for that special person? This square box for sugared almonds is just what you need: durable, attractive, and stylishly designed. Anyone would be delighted to receive this box with its kraft brown base and blue outer sleeve. Choose between different colours, sizes, and accessories. This box is decorated with a yellow ribbon and personalized with a printed label. Get out of your comfort zone and give sugared almonds instead of chocolates!

  • Gift your guests a little gift at your parties! We love gifts, so today we’d like to present this small, yellow gift box that you can fill with your favourite goodies. Sweets, nuts, chocolates, etc. Choose a phrase and have it printed on the box.

  • Go for elegance on your wedding day! This small box with flower-shaped closure is ideal for all kinds of small wedding favours. Chocolates, salt jars, bracelets... Personalise it with the names of the bride and groom, and make sure your guests always keep the box as a souvenir.

  • Surprise your guests with a green detail on your wedding day! Give this cardboard flower pot as a gift, play with the colours to create different options and finish decorating it with personalised labels. An economical and beautiful option to give as a gift at any event.

  • Looking to make a gift pack for your wedding couples? Here's an idea for you today! Start by choosing a large box in which to include several gifts, add the details you want to include and finish off with a romantic touch with this velvet bow. This box, due to its large dimensions and resistance, is perfect to be reused later.

  • Celebrate love on your wedding day by giving this box ideal for two macarons. Nobody is bitter for a sweet, that's why this type of gift is becoming a winning option for important events. This elegant little box will be the perfect accompaniment for handmade macarons made especially for the event. Finish it off with the personalised sticker and seal your box.

  • If you're looking for a single box for your macarons, take a look at this one! Small, elegant and practical, it has it all. Ideal for use in pastry shops and other businesses where small items need to be stored.

  • Discover the cute children's box on our website! Our rabbit-shaped box will delight young and old alike, ideal for any event or for small gifts - discover all the colours available!

  • Nobody likes a sweet tooth, right? Today we bring you the perfect take away picnic box to give as a gift with some candy inside. Surprise your loved ones or friends with this super sweet gift. Put your sweet treats inside and finish it off with this great packaging.

  • Our box decorated with leaves will please all your customers! Discover our small self-assembly box to deliver photos or any product inside. A multipurpose box with which you will always look good.

  • We have the most fun box on the market! This take away box is reminiscent of fast food boxes in restaurants. A perfect option to use in children's birthdays, parties or weddings. Inside you can include food as shown in the photo, a surprise gift, etc. Its shape and inner capacity offer you thousands of possibilities, let your imagination fly and create fun designs!

  • Looking for XL cake packaging? If you need a large box to protect and transport your large cakes we have the perfect option for you. This kraft tray is strong enough to hold the weight of a large cake, and if you need more protection, choose our clear lid. 

  • Do you have a brand of necklaces? With this flat box you will surprise all your customers! On our website you can find the different sizes of this box to suit your product. Inside it includes our jewelry holder and voila, ready to sell. Finish it off with your personal touch by printing on the box or custom stickers.

  • Prepare your child's first communion in style! Looking for boxes to give to guests? Our picnic box is perfect! Give the guests a souvenir of this special day in our picnic box. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, do you like any of them?

  • The perfect gift bag for any event! This box in size L is ideal to keep inside all the gifts of the event and then your guests can take it as a souvenir. Its structure makes it resistant to withstand weight without breaking. Its attractive design will make you fall in love from the first moment.

  • Our matchbox is a favorite of all jewelry brands. A simple but elegant basic that is easy to assemble and has a great finish. Take a look at the box we've created together with HEYLOVE and get inspired to make your own - if you need help, our design team will be happy to advise you!

  • Let's shine! The fashion accessories brand ByCris has trusted us to create their gift bag, a simple but attractive design to conquer their customers with a careful packaging. Choose our bag and add personalization with a sticker personalized with your brand, logo, etc. 

  • Play with the surprise factor in your shipments and conquer your customers! Small details make the difference, we want to help you make it happen. In this festive season opt for new Christmas shipping boxes and create a wow effect when they receive them. Finish it off with our personalized tissue paper.

  • Introduce a new level of elegance and functionality with our sliding lid detail match box for gifts. Designed to combine style and practicality, this box is perfect for a variety of uses, from match storage to small valuables.

  • With its matchstick-style lid design, this gift card or gift voucher slider box offers easy and stylish access to the contents inside. Simply slide the lid to reveal the gift card, creating a moment of anticipation and excitement for the recipient.

  • Present and protect your chocolates with this sophisticated flip-top box. Ideal for gifts and special occasions, it keeps your sweets fresh and safe with a touch of elegance. Perfect for chocolatiers and chocolate lovers.