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  • Our matchbox is a favorite of all jewelry brands. A simple but elegant basic that is easy to assemble and has a great finish. Take a look at the box we've created together with HEYLOVE and get inspired to make your own - if you need help, our design team will be happy to advise you!

  • Do you have a brand of necklaces? With this flat box you will surprise all your customers! On our website you can find the different sizes of this box to suit your product. Inside it includes our jewelry holder and voila, ready to sell. Finish it off with your personal touch by printing on the box or custom stickers.

  • A jewel box for a jewel! The El Cerro jewelry brand has designed this jewel box with a romantic print to store its products inside. A simple box design that gives prominence to the print of the box. Do you like it?

  • Looking for a jewellery box? We bring you this elegant and simple option, the perfect packaging for your costume jewellery or jewellery. Its rectangular shape allows you to store pieces of different sizes inside. The best thing? Personalise it to give it a unique touch, give free rein to your imagination and create a unique box!

  • We adapt to your designs, an all-round box for jewellery. Its large capacity fits all types of products (large earrings, jewellery packages, etc.). Add personality to the box by printing your logo.

  • Beautiful cardboard jewellery bag! Packaging makes all the difference, give your customers your jewellery in this chic bag. Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, you'll find the perfect option for your business or brand. Say goodbye to plastic bags, and hello to the cardboard bag.

  • Do you need a box to surprise with a very special piece of jewellery? Our square box is ideal for rings or earrings, its flower-shaped opening allows you a double function; transport and display. Finish it off with our print on the box or a customisable label.

  • Introducing the perfect box! Discover this rectangular box ideal for storing all kinds of jewellery inside. Customised with your logo or a print that will leave everyone open-mouthed, are you up for it? Available in different sizes, colours and materials.

  • Discover our most special box, ideal for costume jewellery. Its elongated and rectangular shape allows you to lay your creations flat to show them off to their best advantage. Discover all the available cutomisations!

  • If you are thinking of a watch or a bracelet as a gift, nothing will hold it better than an elongated box like this one. The black box and white sleeve bring extraordinary elegance. Add a ribbon and a label to customise it and your wrapping will be truly amazing.

  • A fully multipurpose box with a very pretty design perfect for any situation. Add washi tapes, ribbons, labels or whatever you can come up with to make the design unique. The outside is as amazing as what it holds.

  • If you want to give someone jewellery but feel most boxes look too simple, this box will allow you to make your gift stand out. Its simple appearance enhances its elegant design, this box is the answer to all your needs!

  • One of the prettiest and most elegant designs. The black and white design will make your gifts stand out and add a completely unique and special touch. Add some labels and it will become truly unique!

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    for 20 kits
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    for 20 kits
  • ¡Merry Christmas! Surprise everyone this Christmas with the most Christmassy packaging. A beautiful Christmas gift box with fir trees and decorated with a Christmas label, baker’s twine, bells and red washi tape.

    What a cool gift to wish someone happy holidays!

  • This gift box is ideal for baby showers. Baby boy or baby girl? If you don’t know it yet, yellow is always a good choice.

  • This pink cardboard bag decorated by Mr. Wonderful is a beautiful bag, ideal for giving small gifts, for shops or for individuals.

    Guaranteed success!

  • A tender mixture of paper and embroidery gives as a result this nice little pillow box. Decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • This little bicolour box is easy to personalise with whichever coloured sleeve you wish to choose. It's designed for storing flat objects such as scarves or clothing items. A beautiful way to treat whoever you wish!

  • Two-coloured box for Christmas gifts. With our scrapbooking items you will get an original and amazing decoration.

  • This precious gift box in white and yellow shades is all things romantic. Ideal for confectionery gifts particularly for occasions such as Valentine’s day or birthdays!

  • Square gift box. You can now personalize your boxes with our online personalization tool here. 

  • Pillow box perfect for jewellery and costume jewellery. With this combination of a nice stamp and ink you’ll get a awesome decoration for your package. It has been decorated by Mr Wonderful. 

  • Small cardboard box with lid, ideal for a single macaron. Ask here if you want to purchase it in two colours, as the one you can see in the picture.

  • This beautiful box makes special any present. It can be used as a gift box for scarves, clothes or accessories. Decorate it with a nice floral ribbon on it… Ready to go!

  • The patterned ribbon gives a vintage touch to this gift box, ideal to give a scarf or a clothes item as a present. You can choose the cardboard sleeve from a lot of different colours.

    Choose the one you like the most!

  • Christmas little box in kraft colour. Add tapes, stickers or ribbons on it and you will obtain a nice to give any small object as a present: candies, chocolates, jewellery, etc.

  • This cardboard bag with hanging labels looks good on any small gift. Use it for jewellery and costume jewellery. Also works great as a gift bag for sweets or anything that comes to mind.

  • Little pyramidal box ideal for small gifts. Clicking on this link you’ll be able to download for free the spotted pattern.

  • Square box for wedding favours. With a stamp in the shape of a heart and a lace edging, you’ll get a nice box. It has been decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Due to its original closing, this box is perfect for giving as a present on any occasion. Also ideal as a small gift with candy, chocolates or any other small objects inside.

  • Little gift box with heart pattern. Ask here if you want to personalise your gift boxes for orders over 500 units.

  • A charming little pink bag to give as a present for Valentine’s Day or for any other event. 

    It’s perfect for jewellery, costume jewellery products, small accessories or simply some candy or chocolates.

  • Little box for jewellery and costume jewellery with a vintage decoration. With a pair of old maps and our labels you can make some things as cool as Mr. Wonderful did. 

  • This simple box, decorated with a patterned ribbon, is an ideal package for any jewel or costume jewellery item. It is easy and fast to assemble, so it is ideal for shops and jeweller’s.

  • Small square box with a ribbon for wedding favours. Add your wedding details to the label for a totally personalised package.

  • Gift box for Christmas with a tree made of threads. Surprise everyone embroidering on your gifts!

  • Little cardboard bag for shops. For its simplicity it is perfect as a wrapping for shops.

  • This adorable triangular cardboard box has been decorated with our accessories for decoration. Perfect for small presents and little surprises.

  • This adorable gift box in a rustic look, ideal for shops or for wrapping small gifts. You can customise it with stickers, ribbons and labels. Imagination has no limit!

  • Bag with cord for small Christmas gifts. With a pair of washi tapes and imagination it will be the ideal package for these dates. Decoration by Mr. Wonderful.

  • A simple decoration will stand out any present. This little box, ideal for scarves or accessories, looks nice adding something on it so simple as a felt heart and a scalloped label.

  • Round gift box in the shape of a flower. The design of this gift box is so versatile that decoration ideas are endless. Great for small presents like chocolates, also makes a great jewellery box. 

  • Pyramidal box perfect for your handmade wedding invitations. You’ll find cardboard and felt decorative elements in our Accessories section.

  • Due to its opening this box is useful to give scarves or small complements as a present. The contrast between yellow and kraft colour is completed with some blade-shaped flowers, which you can also buy to make a kit like this one.

  • Box for wedding favours, with ribbon and a felt heart. Very easy to assemble, it will be your ideal little box if you have to assemble a big amount of them for your wedding.

  • The white lace edging ribbon gives it a very delicate look. The gift box can be personalised by drawing the recipient’s name on the box. Add buttons, felts, bakers twine or a vichy ribbon to make it more beautiful.

  • This little box is full of love! The Kraft colour highlights its accessories, with a black muslin lace and a hanging heart to show just how much you love them. A gorgeous way of presenting your gift: jewellery, sweets, accessories etc.

    You'll make them fall in love all over again! 

  • Little square cardboard box for small presents. It is perfect as a USB package / case.

  • Pyramidal cardboard gift box, perfect for small objects. In our Accessories section you’ll find the ideal elements to decorate it.

  • The shape of this box makes it adequate to give scarves or any other small object or complement as a present. Decorate it with a cord in kraft colour and a label... and give it away!

  • Square gift box with a ribbon tied as a bow for closure. Ideal to give small gifts to your employees and clients.

  • Small elegant box, ideal to give as a present for Christmas. It is easy to assemble, no glue required, so it is ideal for events and invitations.

  • Amazing and very original triangular gift box. It is designed to contain little confectioneries such as candy, chocolates, chocolate coins but also perfect for jewellery!

  • Gift bag perfect as a wrapping for any jewellery or costume jewellery item. Add a ribbon or a sticker with your shop’s name for a nice personalised box.

  • Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Then you will love personalising this box. This little box with cord is ideal for decorating with scrapbook features. Perfect for any kind of gift. Present your gift in the most personal way!

  • Square semi-transparent box perfect for Christmas presents. Match the decoration colour shades with those of the present for an exquisite look.

  • An ideal little box for presents to give to wedding guests. This specific decoration came from Olivia Soaps, and the little boxes used to contain natural lip balms.

    A cute little treat for guests at any event!

  • This gift box is easy and fast to assemble, making it perfect for gift-wrapping in shops. It can be decorated with ribbons and labels for a personalised present.