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  • This oblong box is multi-purpose and is dressed to impress this Christmas. But it's up to you to add a few finishing touches. Get inspired by our ideas and get creative to make this box truly unique.

  • There's no better way of packaging a bottle of wine than this box with a folder. As this idea shows you can add tape or ribbon, or stickers, to elevate this gift to something truly unique

  • Here are some simple ideas to give your wine box with a handle an extra special touch and make your packaging stand out.

  • With a little creativity, some accessories, and a 2 bottle wine box, you can give your brand style and and personality when its out in public. Follow these decoration ideas and your brand will stand out from the competition.

  • When you want to deliver your wines or give them as a gift - and you want them to look unique - this single oblong wine box is the right choice. Add a few accessories such as ribbon or tape and tags to give your packaging a personal, stand-out feel.

  • This box has a beautiful design to go perfectly with your wine bottles. Add your logo so people know where to find you... and success is guaranteed!

  • If you're proud of your work, what better way is there to show it than with your shipping? Add your logo to your triangular wine box to make your parcels stand out from the crowd and show where they've come from.

  • Have a look at these simple ideas to decorate your 3 bottle wine boxes and give your brand its own personality - your product will stand out from the crowd when it comes to image and detail.

  • Get inspired by our ideas for decorating your oblong wine box, and give your brand that delicate, elegant touch. With a few simple accessories and extra touches, your packaging will be just perfect.

  • This simple idea to decorate your large wine box with a handle will ensure your brand personality stands out on your product and box. So when your customers leave with their package everyone will know where you are.

  • For that friend who loves beer and will appreciate it. Now you can decorate a box for beers and surprise him. Decorate it with texts and logos. This bad-shaped box with a cardboard handle holds one beer. Perfect for a gift for that beer-loving friend or for your handcrafted beer you want the world to know about. It will make the beer really special.

  • With this glass box for juice you'll be able to preserve the flavour of the delicious drinks. Forget those plastic bottles that spoil the flavour, the best way to preserve such good flavour and have an incomparable style is with a glass bottle. The classic look is a must! Also, you'll be able to customise it by adding stickers or washi tape to remind them who it's from. You can also choose to order it with a microchannel box.

  • We all have that friend we share good times and good beer with. With a pretty bag-shaped box with a cardboard handle you can decorate, that holds up to two beers, you can surprise him. Ideal for gifts, you can decorate it with texts and logos in case you have a handcrafted beer you want everyone to know about. Make sure they savour the moment.

  • Because there is nothing better than a good beer with friends. Now you can decorate a beer box and surprise them. This bag-shaped box with a cardboard handle can hold up to three beers. It is ideal for gifts and can be decorated with texts and logos, in case you have a craft beer you want people to know about. You will make sure they savour the moment.

  • Rectangular postal boxes for bottles or any other cylindrical object. Sturdy and easy to decorate.

  • Box with handle for two bottles, durable and resistant. The interior has been designed vertically for easy bottle display at the point of sale.

  • This box is an original way to give a wine bottle as a present. Its triangular shape gives it a special look and it can be used in wine shops as a gift box. Print shop logo on it and customise it with a ribbon tight as a bow.

  • Rectangular gift box with printed lid. Contact us if you would like more than 300 cardboard boxes to be printed; we can print orders above that amount.

    You can personalise it as you wish with thread, ribbons and gift tags. 

  • Printed box to give a bottle as a Christmas present. Ask here if you want to print on your gift boxes for orders over 500 units.

  • Shipping boxes for bottles, perfect for wine bottles. Make sure that your wine bottles are perfectly delivered and packed with our shipping boxes.

  • This gift box will surprise you for its flower opening. It has been though to contain tall and elongated objects, as wine or liquor bottles. You can add a cord on it to hang a personalised label. You can use it as a wrapping package in wine shops.

  • Smart box for wine bottles with the shape of a triangle. It’s ideal to give as a present or as a gift box in any wine shop. It’s as easy as sticking a label with the shop logo on it and decorate it with any complement.

  • Box for wine bottles, it is very original and ecological. Glue coloured papers on it before assembling and you’ll get a very special result.

  • This stylish box with a kraft base and lid is the best and easiest way to present any bottle that you want to give as a gift. You can personalise it with your company logo or add a ribbon and gift tag with the recipient's name.

    Ask us if you wish to create personalised gift tags with the logo of your company. 

  • A safe present! If you do not know what to gift, try this cardboard hamper with this box for bottles. A pretty present to hit the mark. Gift bottles of wine this Christmas. Ideal for companies or to give to family or friends.

    A Christmas hamper which is easy to decorate with washi tapes, ribbons, labels and many other decorations.

    Hit the mark this Christmas!

  • Box for wine with a Spring decoration. 

  • Little vertical box in blue, ideal for Christmas presents. Ask here the option of purchasing it in this colour.

  • Gift box for two bottles, very resistant and with a carry handle. Ask here for options to screen-print your company logo for a professional look.

  • Cardboard box for 2 bottles with handle. If your order is minor than 500 units and we can’t give you an estimate for screen-printing, try to glue a sheet of paper with your company logo on the lid of the box and you’ll see an amazing result.

  • Bicolour gift box for wine. Elegant and unique, it is perfect for company gifts and for giving presents to wedding guests. You can personalise it as you wish to make a great impression with your gift. 

  • Box for a bottle, decorated with a washi tape strip. We have printed the shop logo on the label, and what’s more, we have matched the logo with the strip of washi tape on the box.

  • Christmas box perfect to give bottles as a present. Ask here the option of printing on your little boxes for orders over 300 units.

  • Gift box for bottles very resistant and made from recycled cardboard. Add your company logo for a professional and personalised package.

  • Vertical recycled cardboard gift box. With imagination and the help of our accessories you can decorate it to get desired effect.

  • This box, which combines burgundy and brown kraft, is perfect to give a small bottle of champagne as a present. You can personalise it with a ribbon, adding a label or your company logo on it. Ask if you want to customise the labels for this gift box.


  • Personalised gift box for a wine bottle made from recycled cardboard. For a styled look, print paper strips with your company logo and you’ll get a 100% corporate package.

  • Rectangular box for a bottle, ideal for company gifts. Personalise it with a message printed on the adhesive self-printable label provided.

  • Gift box for wine bottles decorated with a ribbon. Print shop logo for a personalised gift box (labels are self-printable). 

  • Triangular cardboard box for bottles. It is perfect for company gifts and Christmas baskets.

  • Designed in natural coloured tones, this gift box is perfect for bottle inspired presents. Decorated with a golden ribbon and label for finishing touches. Personal messages can be printed on the adhesive self-printable label provided.

  • This gift box, with a base in brown kraft and a coloured lid, dresses with simplicity any bottle you want to give away. You can personalise it with your company logo.

  • Gift box for small champagne bottles with a company logo on the gift tag. Due to its size, it makes the perfect gift for wedding guests. The ideal way to surprise everyone on special occasions. A gorgeous box with a flower-shaped opening and cord.

    Such a beautiful idea!

  • Original and resistant box for wine bottles. Comes with adhesive self-printable label for personalisation.

  • Recycled cardboard box for wine bottles. Put your company logo on the optional and adhesive label, which is also self-printable, and you’ll get a corporate package.

  • Very original cardboard box for wine or champagne bottles. Put your company logo on the optional and adhesive label, which is also self-printable, and you’ll get a corporate package.

  • Very original cardboard box for wine or champagne bottles. Put your logo on the optional and adhesive label, which is also self-printable, and you’ll get a corporate package.

  • Original vertical cardboard box for small bottles. With adhesive self-printable label for printing messages or company logos - get the corporate package.

  • Are you looking to surprise someone with a delicious bottle of wine? This box for a bottle of wine with a handle is the perfect option to wrap your bottle and make it into a gift for any special occasion. In the shape of a bag with a beige cord. Decorated with green and burgundy washi tape and a sticker with the message “Enjoy your day”

    The possibilities are endless with this box for a bottle of wine with a handle!

  • This box for shipping bottles is the perfect choice for the perfect kit to go with the best wine. Add a natural touch with a handful of dried flowers, tied up with hemp string and a strip of burgundy washi tape. Add a message with a Just Smile sticker.

    Ideal for all kinds of bottles and many occasions.

  • Originality lies in the packaging! Surprise everyone with this triangular decorated box for wine. An original Kraft coloured geometric box with white and maroon washi tapes, making fun lines for a geometric and linear touch. Perfect for a birthday present, a wedding or any other special occasion.

  • A wedding favour? A special gift? Some wine? Decorate your box with a handle for two bottles and surprise whoever you wish. A beautiful box with a handle for two bottles, decorated with a bunch of dried flowers and maroon washi tape, a tulle ribbon and a laced ribbon. Decorated with lots of care so you show your love and appreciation to that special someone.

  • Do you want to surprise someone with a delicious beer? Decorate a box for beer and surprise everyone! A bag-type box with a cardboard handle, perfect to hold a beer. It is ideal as a gift for beer-lovers. Prepare your best gift with this decorated box for beer with yellow striped washi tape. A great touch that stands out on the Kraft-coloured box. Ideal for homemade beer.

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    for 20 kits
  • 1,40 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 4,17 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • The premium wine box is perfect for gifts or a celebration where you want to stand out. With this cardboard box, the chosen bottle won’t go amiss! Dress it up like it deserves and add a label with a special message to give it a more personal touch.

  • In this micro-channel cardboard box you can keep 3 bottles of wine and transport them easily thanks to its two side openings. Decorate them with hemp string to give them a vintage look, or personalise them with your brand’s logo.

  • Highly minimal, matt-finish and black are the features of this individual wine box. It’s a classic box but perfect for wine shops and small businesses that need an original, strong box.

  • The premium box for red wine lovers! Covered in gold and with a lid, it is for a special bottle that requires packaging of the same standard. You can decorate it with out red satin ribbon and a label so that the box stands out even more.

  • A sturdy and safe elongated delivery box, perfect for sending bottles of wine or beer. Use them as gift packaging and decorate them in minimal style with a rayon raffia ribbon and a white label. Your gift has never been so safe!