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  • Paella is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in gastronomy, and many restaurants have decided to make it to take away. Thanks to our specially designed box for paella take away you will get the rice to arrive hot and ready to eat. Personalize the box with your logo and succeed as the paella!

  • Prepare your child's first communion in style! Looking for boxes to give to guests? Our picnic box is perfect! Give the guests a souvenir of this special day in our picnic box. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, do you like any of them?

  • The sandwich box is the perfect size to fit a standard size sandwich inside. You can use it to sell them and then transport them protected. Customize the box with your logo or an attractive print that will make everyone want to eat the sandwich, are you up for it?

  • Looking for a small tray? We have the solution! We bring you this exclusive design from our website for take away snacks. The perfect solution to present and carry your snacks. Ideal for your hummus with carrots, nachos, potatoes, etc. Customize it with your logo and phrase and give it a personal touch to conquer your customers.

  • Add a sustainable touch to your hamburger packaging and enjoy wherever you want. With this take away hamburger box you can enjoy your hamburger wherever and whenever you want. Perfect for use in bars, restaurants or take away services. Add a personal touch with a logo or phrase representative of your business.

  • If you don't want people to know there are nuts inside, this windowless box for nuts is perfect for you. The lack of a gap means a bigger surface to decorate. Add your own style to surprise everyone!

  • Do you sell nuts or want to give them as a gift? With one of these boxes for nuts with a window it is very easy to do. Add a label and next to the gap and you'll create a simple but attractive packaging.

  • Ummmmm! Surrender to the taste of these mini cupcakes full of flavor. Made with natural products, these mini cupcakes will be the delight of any sweet tooth. Our take away food box is the perfect size for transporting them. Whether it is for personal use or for your grocery store, with this box you will be able to surprise.

  • Add a unique touch to your business with these take-away hamburger boxes. These boxes will add the distinctive touch your business needs by merging utility and style. Your clients will be delighted when they take their food home.

  • Inside this box for food is something delicious and the best part is you'll be able to see it through the hole, so your mouth starts watering. This box allows you to transport products and looks great to take away and eat them anywhere with its pretty design. No one will be able to say you don't look great eating out!

  • Your food business will have a distinctive touch with this take-away box. As practical as it is stylish, it will make people notice others eating outside and will wonder where they got such a delicious looking bite.

  • With this glass box for juice you'll be able to preserve the flavour of the delicious drinks. Forget those plastic bottles that spoil the flavour, the best way to preserve such good flavour and have an incomparable style is with a glass bottle. The classic look is a must! Also, you'll be able to customise it by adding stickers or washi tape to remind them who it's from. You can also choose to order it with a microchannel box.

  • A pretty box is the best way to carry your snacks. Whether you are meeting friends or what to give someone delicious nuts as a gift, the best way to do it is, no doubt, a snack box. You can choose from several shapes and sizes of this plain-coloured box.

  • What is the best way to carry nuts? With this snack box you have the answer for whenever you are with friends or choose an assortment of nuts as a present. No doubt, there is no better way of doing it. This box can be printed with a theme and comes in several shapes and sizes.

  • The best way to carry your snacks is with this pretty box. When you meet your friends or want to give them delicious nuts, the best way to do it is with a snack box. With this box in a plain colour, you can choose among various sizes and shapes.

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  • Tired of typical Christmas hampers? Be the most original! Ideal for companies and individuals, this cardboard tray turns into the coolest Christmas hamper.

    Add the products that you want and decorate this tray with felt, labels, ribbons and many other Christmas decorations.

    There won’t have been a cooler hamper!

    Products from: DeliShop

  • Are you looking for a different Christmas hamper to surprise your clients? We make it easy for you! Add the products that you want to your box and decorate it with Christmas decorations, a satin ribbon with bow, tags and jingle bells.

    The coolest touch to achieve a great basket!

    Everyone will want this hamper!

  • What a cool hamper! This original, different, and above all unique Christmas basket. Add the products that you want to this Christmas tray and decorate it with our accessories to give it the most Christmas touch.


    Make a bow with a decorative ribbon, add little felt stars, dry plants, a pretty tag and...ready!

  • A different Christmas hamper? It’s yours! Enjoy this cardboard box with plastic handle and decorate your best hamper. You can add labels, drawings and loads of personal touches.

    To give it an even pretty touch you can add felt and  washi tapes and a little flower.

    Look at this pretty Christmas basket!

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    for 20 kits
  • Prepare your own natural juices and sell them, or enjoy them yourself in this glass bottle with a custom tag. You can write it and decorate it yourself to complete the perfect kit: a tagged bottle and a cardboard box.

    A great idea for smoothies and natural juices!

  • Are you a lover of homemade preserves? Now you can package them and sell them as a complete kit! With this jam jar, decorated and personalised with a tag and matching box. The tag also allows you to add a sticker, ribbons and anything you can think of.

    A perfect jar for jams and other preserves. The perfect packaging for your homemade products!

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year!

    Printed box of Chinese noodles with Oriental motifs that are ideal for themed parties that will delight partygoers, big and small.

  • Your mouth will water with this gift!

    Beautiful box in the shape of a burger box to surprise everyone with any kind of gift. With geometrical decoration created with the lines of black and fluorescent pink washi tape. We have also added a decorative satin ribbon and a label with the brand logo. 

    Everyone will love this box!

  • Eco-friendly box for sushi. Do you have a restaurant and need boxes for your sushi? Make typical plastic packaging a thing of the past and commit to our kraft-coloured boxes. Their design is attractive and minimalistic for making your packaging more personalised.

  • Mmm sushi! What a delicacy! Surprise your friends with a different home-made dinner. Create different types of sushi, personalise the box with the name of your restaurant and off you go! You will have your takeaway food ready for wherever you go.

  • 1, 2, 3... we’ve got more sushi! Customise the box with three pieces of sushi Perfect for giving little gifts or getting less of a certain type of sushi. If your clients prefer less, but they order a lot, this is the solution for you!

  • Any meal needs to end with something sweet. That’s why today we’ve got our mini box where you can include typical Japanese desserts like mochis. Presenting them in nice packaging will make them even more appetising. Let your imagination run wild and start designing your box!

  • The most original box for sushi! It’s design makes it unique and special and you can store 2 rolls in it (California fans here!) and they will stay separate without damaging the inside. The cardboard boxes for sushi are safe enough for transporting food.

  • If you love sushi just as much as we do, you will need a big box for all your different pieces.

  • We have the most fun box on the market! This take away box is reminiscent of fast food boxes in restaurants. A perfect option to use in children's birthdays, parties or weddings. Inside you can include food as shown in the photo, a surprise gift, etc. Its shape and inner capacity offer you thousands of possibilities, let your imagination fly and create fun designs!

  • Enjoy your breakfast take away as La más Bonita does! With our cardboard tray with transparent lid you can take your favorite breakfasts wherever you want or make special deliveries. Include some sandwiches, some candy or orange juice and start enjoying. We have several box sizes, surely one of them will fit your breakfast.

  • Our Mommy Louise Milano Christmas edition picnic box is perfect for all of your upcoming holiday events. The box in a vibrant red color will add color to all your parties and events this Christmas. Copy this idea, choose our picnic box on the web in a Christmas color, print a personalized label and succeed this Christmas.