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  • Do you want to give a garment as a gift but don't want to use the usual bag? With this shirt box you can do it as it allows you to put the garments flat and its side opening makes it easy to take them out without any problems, and you can combine the base with the lid as you like!
  • The perfect choice for little things! The accessory gift box is the perfect complement for your smallest gifts. Personalise it with your brand logo and leave no detail to chance!
  • This box for shoes, clothes or accessories is a classic that never goes out of fashion. It is very resistant and its wide interior allows you to put all kinds of products in various shapes, and as it has a separate lid it can also be used as a storage box in your wardrobe, to keep your socks, T-shirts, swimming costumes, etc. in order.
  • The box that fits everything! This box for clothes or hats is perfect both for storage and as a gift when a lot of space is needed or for delicate items. You can match the colour of the lid to the base as you like and it is available in various sizes - protect the things you care about!
  • With this microchannel shipping box your clothes will be more protected than ever. Its strength and easy assembly make it perfect for shipping and its finishes make it a very elegant option. Don't forget to personalise it with your business logo!
  • Do you have a clothing shop? With this self-assembly rectangular clothes box, your shipments will always arrive protected. A classic in shipping boxes and easy to assemble. What's more, you can personalise the box with the most original design you can think of, so that when the package arrives to your customers, they will be amazed!
  • The gift box bag with handle is perfect and very convenient as an alternative to plastic bags or flimsy paper bags. If you have a clothing shop, this little cardboard box with handles will allow you to put more weight in the bag without fear of it breaking. You can also customise both the design of the box and the handles to match the style of your brand.
  • If you want something different to set you apart from the competition, the picnic box for clothes is what you need! An original option for the packaging of your shop, or the perfect packaging if you have to give a gift. Every gift needs its perfect packaging and we assure you that this one will surprise everyone!
  • The classic tie is a must for any elegant occasion. Whether for a man or a woman; the tie is officially back in fashion. So why not treat someone special? Surprise them with our specially designed tie box.

  • Everyone loves a gift set! That’s why we’ve introduced this box designed to hold two or three ties, socks, or any other medium-sized accessory you want to include. Impress someone with a special gift on any occasion. We’ve done all the hard work for you!

  • Small individual box for accessories. Perfect for ties or socks. Just the thing for those occasions requiring a thoughtful gift. The packaging makes all the difference.

  • The perfect box for clothing items!

    With a Kraft-coloured lid and a white base, decorated with pastel green washi tape and a customised sticker with the logo of the brand. A different and original way of surprising your clients.

    It is also perfect as a gift, for lots of things: photographs, clothing items, accessories, etc.

  • Rectangular postal boxes. The perfect box size for glasses and sunglasses.

  • Fuchsia gift box with kraft coloured base. It is perfect as a present. Ideal as a gift box for clothes and accessories for parties such as baptisms or weddings. There’s no limit to how many different ways you can decorate this gift box.

  • Scrapbooking decoration on our box for two cupakes. Photography by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Gift bag for jewellery. Ideal also for sweet gifts like candy, sweets or chocolates. Perfect as a wrapping package for shop customers. Add a Christmas felt on it for perfection.

  • Paper doily decorations give this box a subtle feel and it's ideal for giving presents at baptisms, communions, etc. It's perfect for wrapping flat objects such as scarves and other accessories. The most beautiful way to treat whoever you wish!

  • Little square cardboard box perfect for presents. For its shape, it is very easy to decorate. With some fabric strips and a label you’ll get an adorable result.

  • The square shape of this box makes it easy to decorate. Ask here if you want to print on it for orders over 300 units.

  • This pink cardboard bag decorated by Mr. Wonderful is a beautiful bag, ideal for giving small gifts, for shops or for individuals.

    Guaranteed success!

  • Self-assembly gift boxes spray painted in white. They are ideal for sending Christmas gifts to clients.

  • This gift box is ideal for baby showers. Baby boy or baby girl? If you don’t know it yet, yellow is always a good choice.

  • This beautiful box makes special any present. It can be used as a gift box for scarves, clothes or accessories. Decorate it with a nice floral ribbon on it… Ready to go!

  • Printed gable box. Customised for the fashion company Desigual. Contact us if you want to personalise orders 300 units.

  • Two-coloured box for Christmas gifts. With our scrapbooking items you will get an original and amazing decoration.

  • Gift box for Christmas with a tree made of threads. Surprise everyone embroidering on your gifts!

  • The patterned ribbon gives a vintage touch to this gift box, ideal to give a scarf or a clothes item as a present. You can choose the cardboard sleeve from a lot of different colours.

    Choose the one you like the most!

  • Christmas little box in kraft colour. Add tapes, stickers or ribbons on it and you will obtain a nice to give any small object as a present: candies, chocolates, jewellery, etc.

  • Give small complements or jewels as a present in this gift box. Shops can use it too as a gift box for wrapping packages. Decorate it with our Accessories to add personality.

  • Original gable box with Christmas decorations. Gift boxes will be very easy to decorate with our scrapbooking items.

  • Gorgeous, simple yet perfect as a gift box for jewellery shops. Ideal for gift wrapping products for customers. Personalise the present with our Accessories. Simply beautiful!

  • This flat box in white is very useful to give CDs, scarves or any other object with little thickness as a present. If you want to get a Christmas look like this one, decorate it with personalised labels, star-shaped felts or any other Christmas detail.

  • With this little box you can give a scarf as an original present. It has been decorated with a label and a heart-shaped felt to show this special person how much you love them.

  • Box for children clothes, with clear lid. You can purchase the box without the cupcake insert. Decoration made by Misimi.

  • This adorable gift box in a rustic look, ideal for shops or for wrapping small gifts. You can customise it with stickers, ribbons and labels. Imagination has no limit!

  • The Christmas tree-shaped felt in red gives a Christmas touch to this gift bag. 

  • Cardboard box, in the shape of a shoe box, ‘self-assembling’. No glue required and it is super easy to decorate.

  • This square gift box is ideal to surprise with the contents of the present. Its amazing opening in the shape of a flower is something unexpected, adding to the value and excitement to the present inside. Surprise!

  • This little cube-shaped box is perfect for giving presents. Its gorgeous flower-shaped opening adds an element of complete surprise, enhancing the gift it contains. Ideal for giving sweets or small gifts. You can personalise it as you wish. 

  • This gift box has been designed with a flower-shaped opening. Simply amazing and unexpected. The paper flowers and decorative tape will give you the perfect wrap for a special present.

  • Due to its opening this box is useful to give scarves or small complements as a present. The contrast between yellow and kraft colour is completed with some blade-shaped flowers, which you can also buy to make a kit like this one.

  • For its dimensions this gift box is perfect to contain scarves, complements or low height objects. This yellow ribbon secures the closing and you can also add some labels on it with the addressee’s name.

  • Semi-transparent box for promotional gifts. Let us know if you would like us to print over 300 cardboard boxes. A beautiful way of selling your products or giving company gifts. 

  • Gift box designed specially for textile items: T-Shirts, baby clothes, shirts, scarves… Easy to assemble and you can store it flat.

    The perfect gift wrapping!

  • This little bicolour box is easy to personalise with whichever coloured sleeve you wish to choose. It's designed for storing flat objects such as scarves or clothing items. A beautiful way to treat whoever you wish!

  • This simple and cheap little box can be used to give small objects, clothes items or accessories as presents. Decorated with a ribbon and a label will be a nice gift box.

  • This is our most versatile gift box, decorated with a purple satin bow and thick vichy ribbon. The perfect package for flat objects, such as clothes, scarves or small accessories. Great for baby gifts.

  • A simple decoration will stand out any present. This little box, ideal for scarves or accessories, looks nice adding something on it so simple as a felt heart and a scalloped label.

  • Ideal for shops. This gift box is cheap and easy to assemble. No glue required. It is perfect for shops for its variety of sizes and it is easy to store.

  • This simple box, decorated with a patterned ribbon, is an ideal package for any jewel or costume jewellery item. It is easy and fast to assemble, so it is ideal for shops and jeweller’s.

  • This gift box is easy and fast to assemble, making it perfect for gift-wrapping in shops. It can be decorated with ribbons and labels for a personalised present.

  • The shape of this box makes it adequate to give scarves or any other small object or complement as a present. Decorate it with a cord in kraft colour and a label... and give it away!

  • Square premium gift box. For its shape, it is very simple to decorate, you’ll find the ideal accessories here.