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  • The perfect box for lovers! This 3D heart-shaped box for little gifts is perfect to fill any gift with love. Decorate with this washi tape with red spots and a pretty red 3D heart.

    No one will be able to resist it, with a simple and original design, and it will be perfect for all kinds of occasions: weddings, special days such as Valentine's parties or celebrations, etc.

  • Box decorated with Cupid's arrows for small objects, chocolates or sweets. Do you want Cupid to reach that person you yearn for? Here is the solution!

  • Picnic box decorated with lots of love to celebrate Valentine's day with dinner in the moonlight. Sounds good doesn't it? This box will make the evening even more romantic!

  • Bag with a bow for little gifts, sweets, chocolates... Decorate it with love and a little imagination, like we have done here with Cupid's arrows. Your valentine will love you even more!

  • Printed carton-shaped box, perfect packaging for original gifts. Enquire about the customised prints! If you want to surprise someone this Valentine's day, add a few arrows and, you'll be sure to conquer!

  • Arrow decorated box, a great idea for a Valentine's day gift. Any little present you place inside this box will become a big deal. You just need to decorate it with all your love and you'll be sure to conquer!

  • Box with a lid for Valentine's day, perfect for very special presents filled with love. All you need to prove your love is a shirt box and a bit of imagination!

  • This long box is perfect for a small Valentine's Day gift. The arrow decoration and the heart with the message "Hug me" will be sure to earn you hugs from the lucky recipient. Use it to give accessories, glasses, jewelry or to fill with sweets and chocolates. A super romantic idea for a Valentine's Day gift.

  • This box with a white lid and a kraft base is perfect for Valentine's Day, thanks to its romantic decor. You can use it to give clothes, a shirt or any kind of accessory to your loved one. Decorate the lid with a pretty ribbon and some feathers and ...voila ! You have a super romantic gift.

  • This box for mugs can be a very special gift for Valentine's Day. Give a personalized mug with your photo or a message of love in this box especially designed to hold mugs. Decorate it with accessories like these and you'll have the most romantic gift . Love is in the air!

  • This pink cardboard bag decorated by Mr. Wonderful is a beautiful bag, ideal for giving small gifts, for shops or for individuals.

    Guaranteed success!

  • 0,87 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • This simple cardboard box can turn into a nice Valentine's Day gift. Add a touch of imagination and decorate it with feathers and a pretty adhesive. Like this gift idea for Valentine's Day? Well get to work and create the most romantic gifts with our boxes.

  • 1,75 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Square gift box. You can now personalize your boxes with our online personalization tool here. 

  • Square box for wedding favours. With a stamp in the shape of a heart and a lace edging, you’ll get a nice box. It has been decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • 1,13 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Printed box for photos. for an estimate if you want to print on your boxes. Option available if the order is over 500 boxes.

  • The rustic style of this invitation box is gorgeous. Decorated by Mr. Wonderful. An invitation box decorated with thread, lace and beautiful kraft coloured cards.

    Nobody will decline the invitation!

  • Rectangular box perfect to give cookies as wedding presents. Ask here if you want your gift box in these colours or others listed on our website.

  • 2,40 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Decorated box for cakes with a handle to carry them easily. 

  • Square gift box with hearts pattern. Ask here if you want to personalise your boxes for orders over 500 units.

  • Original kraft gift bag for wedding invitations. You can find the stamp in any specialised stationery shop and the ribbon in any haberdashery. This box has been decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Little box with heart and labels. Ask for your box in fuchsia as seen in the picture.

  • Cake box with wool decoration in the shape of a heart.

  • Your cakes will look much more nicer! Decorated Box with handle for cakes, very easy to decorate and transport. In white, decorated with a heart made with cardboard rolls. A heart with beautiful flower!

    Don't you think it's a really cute?

    You can also decorate it with ribbons, washi tapes, labels ...

  • Box holds 2 cupcakes in insert, with confetti decoration. Ask here to purchase this box in grey and pink, as seen in the picture.

  • ‘Self- assembling’ cardboard box for presents. With the accessories to decorate it you’ll get a fantastic gift package.

  • Decoration for a box for two cupcakes. You’ll find the tutorial with the material to download for free on our blog.

  • Little gift box for Valentine’s Day. With our felt hearts you’ll get the perfect package for the most romantic present.

  • 1,00 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 1,65 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • The decoration on this gift box is perfect for a Valentine's or anniversary gift for your partner. It's very easy to make and looks really cool.

    Just add a nice bow to the box and finish up the decoration with your favourite coloured feathers. A very romantic touch for a nice surprise. Love is in the air!

  • Charming matchbox with very romantic decoration. Add a satin ribbon and delicate feathers to make a pretty little gift box for romantic occasions such as Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary.

    To finish it up you may use a stamp to add a sentence or a drawing to the gift box.

  • Polaroids shall make a beautiful gift in this pretty box, with really romantic decoration. Specially designed to hold Polaroid-sized photos.

    Decorate it with a pretty red ribbon and some white feathers to add that special touch and conquer his or her heart with this cute gift.

  • This gift box is most surprising. Because of its flower-shaped opening this box is perfect for a Valentine's gift or a special occasion.

    Decorate it with love messages printed with a Dymo and add a red ribbon: isn't it a romantic gift? Now you can choose who to give it to ;)

  • This gift box is ideal for lovers of the Star Wars saga, because of its original decoration. Did you know you can buy these pretty labels at SelfPackaging?

    This decoration, very easy to make, will make any small gift very attractive. May the love be with you!

  • This original cookie box is decorated with Star Wars style labels with galactic sentences. Surprise a fan of the saga with this sweet gift, or simply offer your clients this original packaging.

    This decorated cookie box will surprise everyone!

  • This simple gift bag becomes really original packaging thanks to this decoration you can make yourself. Ideal for Star Wars fans.

    Buy these labels, add a string to close it and decorate the box with a piece of silver washi tape. Cute!

  • This box for your photos is decorated with an original Star wars style label. Ideal to surprise the lovers of this saga with a gift.

    Decorate the box with a piece of washi tape and add a hemp string to attach the label. A super original box!

  • To infinity and beyond! This cute decoration makes this gift box into something very special. The galactic themed label adds a special touch, perfect for space lovers.

    Surprise them with a little gift in this box!

  • 2,72 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 2,16 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 1,63 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 1,47 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • What a pretty box!

    A wedding invitation? A gift certificate? Photographs? Whatever the reason, it's a deserving occasion. The box with a heart and feathers gives off love through every corner. What a cool box!

    White and decorated with white feathers and a red felt heart, it will be a perfect box to show your love.

    Decorate it now and conquer everyone!

  • How cool!

    Surprise whoever you wish this this beautiful pouch box decorated with feathers, white and with red stripped washi tape. It's so cute!

    Perfect for little gifts. A sure success!

  • Who can resist a sweet?

    Surprise whoever you want with this flat box and show them you love them more than you love a sweet. A box for sweets, Kraft coloured and with a see-through lid. Decorate it with stripped washi tape, a hemp string and fun labels.


  • Looking to make a gift pack for your wedding couples? Here's an idea for you today! Start by choosing a large box in which to include several gifts, add the details you want to include and finish off with a romantic touch with this velvet bow. This box, due to its large dimensions and resistance, is perfect to be reused later.