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  • At last, you’ll have your own custom gift bags with no minimum order quantity and acceptable delivery time. 

  • You are in the right place to print your company logo or favourite design on your card envelopes. And… There’s no minimum order quantity!

  • Print you company logo or your favourite design with no minimum order quantity and get an excellent result… and at amazing prices.

  • You can print your company logo or design on these small gift bags. No minimum order quantity. Configure the printing on the website and you’ll get amazing results

  • Custom boxes for your clients. If you are interested in more than 300 boxes, we can send you a quote according to your needs. Ask here.

  • This decoration idea is for a personalised printed box, perfect for chocolates and sweets. You can also create your own personalized box at SelfPackaging, and create your own unique gift wrapping. Good packaging is becoming more and more important and your customers are sure to be delighted with these personalized boxes. A beautiful image and text on the products packaging changes everything.

  • If you have a chocolate or sweet shop, you can create your own personalized boxes through our website. The little box in the photo is very useful for sweet shops who want to give their customers original packaging. A beautiful image or a logo on the packaging gives a bit of personality to your products. So here you have our personalized boxes!

  • This beautiful personalized box has been designed straight from our own website. You can also create personalized boxes just like this, to be used in your bakery, sweet or chocolate business or as a box for tea. Unique packaging is the best way to make sure your brand stands out.

  • This beautiful bag with string is perfect to use as packaging for sweets. You can create your own personalized bags on our website, adding your company logo and a pretty image. This personalized box is very useful for sweet and chocolate shops, bakeries, patisseries and for giving as a small gift at any event.

  • At SelfPackaging you can create your own printed personalised boxes, like this beautiful idea for a sweet box we have suggested to you. It is perfect as a box for sweet and chocolate shops, bakeries etc. Give your packaging a personalized touch!

  • This delicate light pink box is perfect for sweets and little gifts, for a christening or a wedding.

    You may decorate it or print it with your company logo or a nice illustration. You'll then have a unique personalized gift box.

  • How charming is this little bag, super versatile and you can use it for any small gift. Have it printed with text, a message of congratulations or the names of the bride and groom if you want to use it for a wedding.

    This printed gift bag adds an original touch to any gift. A simple yet surprising packaging!

  • Custom presentation box for photos. Size S can be printed directly from our website, low minimum order quantities! Take a look at it!

  • Square custom box. Size S can be printed directly from our website. Get an amazing result! ;)

  • Santa is coming! Surprise everyone this Christmas with this beautiful flat box, with check print and decorated with a hemp string and a sprig of greenery, to give it an even more natural touch.

    Father Christmas will leave them speechless!

  • Jingle bells, jingle bells! Surprise everyone this Christmas with the Christmas flat box, patterned with confetti and decorated with hemp string and a sprig of eucalyptus.

    Perfect for invitations or small presents.

  • Love, peace & Joy. Surprise that special someone with this beautiful flat box for invitations or small gifts. Decorate the box with a square label and a message, throw in a string and a sprig of greenery. The result is amazing!

    Perfect for any special occasion.

  • An unforgettable memory! A fun gift box for photos printed with baby motifs and the brand logo. A beautiful way to deliver photos to your customers. You can customize it and add any of our accessories.

    Surprise them!

  • A super original idea!

    Box with handle turned into a fun briefcase. Designed for JDG BoxbyMarcus.

    Print and personalise your cardboard briefcase and create an original packaging for your company. This briefcase box has been designed like an old briefcase, with accessories in the pockets and all the details.

    Surprise your customers with your company's briefcase!

  • Do you want to make your establishment stand out? Design your own burger box! With this personalised hamburger box, you’ll be able to surprise your customers. Even the packaging will delight them.

    An appetising little box!

    You can print your logo or whatever you want and turn it into a unique and original hamburger box.

    Idea designed for: Restaurante Di Marco

  • This gift bag is ideal to surprise your clients. You can customize it with a print and create your own, very original, corporate packaging. White with a black handle, you can add your logo, which will stand out on the white of the bag.

    Decorate it and customize it to your liking. Everyone will love your customized bag for shops!

  • Are you looking to surprise your clients? Square customized box with logo, for shops and small products such as creams, jewellery, accessories and much more.

    White box to customize with your logo or preferred print. This box has been customized for a shop that makes handmade candles out of bee wax.

    How cool!

  • Do you want to customize your boxes? You can do it! We have customized this rectangular box for a brand of products made out of bee wax. Natural cosmetics, transmitted by the print on this box. You can add the logo and combine it with the box colour of your choice.

    Isn't it a cool idea!

  • Reina, natural cosmetics. A beautiful elongated printed box with the brand colours. Customized with the logo and in line with the corporate image.

    You clients will even love the box!

    Get hold of yours and customize it with your brand image!

  • Are you looking for the right packaging for a promotion, your employees or your corporate image?

    A fuchsia picnic box, original to surprise your employees or clients.

    Design for Women's Secret.

  • Great business packaging!

    Give sweets or any other detail with this beautiful Box with the logo of your brand. A very different and original way to surprise your clients or for special occasions. Simple and effective!

  • The best packaging for your products!

    Sell your products with the right packaging for them. Beautiful box with a black cord, printed with the claim and the brand. An original way to surprise your clients. 

    Create your own packaging!

  • Are you are lover of handcrafted objects? Customise your box and sell or give scented candles as a gift. A beautiful box for scented candles, blue with a sticky label. You can add our accessories: washi tape, strings, etc. 

    A perfect box for jars for candles, lotions and other handcrafted products.

    Top-notch packaging for your products!

  • Are you a lover of eco-friendly products? Nobody will be able to resist these handmade lotions in this beautiful packaging!

    A box for handmade lotions, kraft-coloured and decorated with hemp string and hanging customised labels. Add your logo, name or a sentence and surprise your clients, guests or whoever you wish.

    Ideal for shops and special occasions like birthdays or weddings.

  • These bars of soap smell great!

    And even better in this box for bars of soap. A perfect littlekraft-coloured box for handmade products as gifts or to sell.

    Decorated with a string and with hanging flag-shaped labels in shades of yellow. You can customise your hanging labels with your brand, a sentence or any word. Perfect for shops or gifts.

  • Cover your products in pink. Beautiful packaging for little cosmetic items!

    Light pink box with a fuchsia slip, the perfect combination. Decorated with a hanging white label, customised with the brand and a hemp string. 

    Add a little sprig from a flower or plant so it looks even more natural. 

  • Have a look at these simple ideas to decorate your 3 bottle wine boxes and give your brand its own personality - your product will stand out from the crowd when it comes to image and detail.

  • Cardboard personalised boxes for companies. Package for events. Ask here if you want to print over 500 units.

  • Looking for customised packaging for your online shop? We have the solution for you! Our line of shipping boxes adapts to the needs of each product. Personalise the box with your logo or phrase and professionalise your brand. A detail that your customers will appreciate.

  • This large tray for your take away food, is perfect for transporting sandwiches or snacks. Ideal for events, festivals or food trucks. Forget about plastic packaging and say hello to sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Our tray is available with food protection to prevent damage to the container. Add more personality by customizing the tray with a print, logo or phrase.

  • Join the minimalist Christmas! Decorate your shipping boxes to surprise your customers, and make them enjoy the surprise. Choose your favorite shipping box and add a twist ribbon in the shape of a bow. Small details that will give a Christmas touch to your shipments, your customers will appreciate the detail, a good packaging can make the difference!

  • Show off your box with our self-assembly printed lined box. Our lined box is the best option for delicate and premium products, you will surprise your customers with the quality. Add a print and finish it off with a premium touch that gives it personality, copy our idea! Choose the box in black and opt for white printing, a classic that never fails.

  • If your brand needs a rigid box, get inspired by our custom rigid box designs. Premium accessory brand Brannipets already has its own. Our self-mountable lined box is the best option for all businesses looking for a premim box that is easy to transport, store and assemble, add extra personalization with printing and create a top-notch packaging!

  • Present your gifts with elegance in this lined box with folding cardboard base. Ideal for all kinds of gifts, it combines practicality and style. Easy to assemble and store, it is the perfect solution for sophisticated packaging.

  • Keep your products tidy with this elegant elongated cosmetics box. Ideal for storing serums, creams and other cosmetic products. The elegant and robust design is perfect for any counter or shop.

  • Organise your accessories with this robust micro-channel accessory box. Ideal for courier delivery or for storing small items. Its compact and durable design guarantees protection and easy access to your most precious accessories.

  • Present your chocolates in an elegant way with this gift box. Ideal for gifts and special occasions, its sophisticated and compact design protects and enhances the presentation of your favourite sweets.

  • Delicate matchbox design for sweets, ideal for presenting and giving as gifts. Perfect for surprising with a touch of creativity and sweetness. Its compact size makes it ideal as a gift for any special occasion.

  • Surprise with this adorable box that looks like a matchbox, but inside can hold delicious jelly beans. Perfect as a gift or to satisfy a sweet tooth on the go. Its unique and compact design makes it ideal to carry in your pocket or purse.

  • Sweetness on display! Store and display your favourite sweets in this adorable flip-top box. Ideal for parties, gifts or simply to treat yourself to a whim. The practical and fun design makes it easy to access your favourite sweets, keeping them fresh.