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Decoration ideas

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  • Do you want to surprise someone with a delicious beer? Decorate a box for beer and surprise everyone! A bag-type box with a cardboard handle, perfect to hold a beer. It is ideal as a gift for beer-lovers. Prepare your best gift with this decorated box for beer with yellow striped washi tape. A great touch that stands out on the Kraft-coloured box. Ideal for homemade beer.

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    for 20 kits
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  • Print your boxes and stand out this Christmas!

    Make and impression with this rectangular box with Christmas firs and surprise everyone with the packaging. Because of it’s large size, it’s ideal for gifting sweets, clothing and an endless number of things.

    Decorate it with Christmas stickers, labels, felt and ribbons

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    for 20 kits
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    for 20 kits
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  • Are you looking for a different and original packaging to sell your glasses?

    This packaging for opticians will make your glasses stand out even more. With a dark blue base and a Kraft-coloured lid, it will become top-notch packaging. A box decorated with a blue satin ribbon and two labels with the logo and brand.

    Ideal to give glasses as gifts and customise them to your liking.

  • Surprise your wedding guests!

    Are you not sure what to give them? Create a beautiful wedding favour for guests with a yellow slip with a plastic see-through box so you can put in whatever you wish. We have decorated the favour with lavender. Add a cord and a flag shaped label with the initials of the bride and groom and the date.

  • Be the most original and surprise your guests! With this envelope for original invitations for weddings, success is for granted! In the colour you prefer, you can customise your square invitation and add an different touch with a little peg or a string.

    Idea for a blue envelope for a blue invitation with hearts and a wooden peg.

    Long live love and weddings!

  • Save  the date!

    With this box to give at weddings, your guests will remember that day forever. Perfect for sweets or little gifts. With a Kraft-coloured lid and a pink base. Decorated with a fine hemp string, dotted washi tape and two flag-shaped labels.

    You can print and customise them with the message of your choice.

  • Ideal packaging for craft jewellery shops.

    Box for jewellery with a double slip. The one on the outside in a shade of burgundy, and the inside one is see-through. Decorated with a satin beige-brown ribbons and a garnet coloured feather. You can also add a customised label and several other accessories.

    Ideal for shops or gifts.

  • Your mouth will water with this gift!

    Beautiful box in the shape of a burger box to surprise everyone with any kind of gift. With geometrical decoration created with the lines of black and fluorescent pink washi tape. We have also added a decorative satin ribbon and a label with the brand logo. 

    Everyone will love this box!

  • What beautiful rings and what a pretty box!

    In this box your rings will really stand out. The elegance of your rings and the simplicity of the box will be a guaranteed success. Black box for rings, decorated with a round customised sticker, a golden string and a little feather. 

    Your jewels will sell like crazy!

  • With this glass box for juice you'll be able to preserve the flavour of the delicious drinks. Forget those plastic bottles that spoil the flavour, the best way to preserve such good flavour and have an incomparable style is with a glass bottle. The classic look is a must! Also, you'll be able to customise it by adding stickers or washi tape to remind them who it's from. You can also choose to order it with a microchannel box.

  • If you want to give someone jewellery but feel most boxes look too simple, this box will allow you to make your gift stand out. Its simple appearance enhances its elegant design, this box is the answer to all your needs!

  • With this astounding glass jar for jam you'll be able to keep your homemade jam and preserve all the flavour you've managed to give it. Also, if you want to give someone a slice of your effort, you can choose to place it in a microchannel box.

  • Are you looking for a different kind of box to surprise your clients?

    This typical fuchsia cake box is not what it seems. Inside, you can place your products: bars of soap, scented salts, etc.

    A way of adding an original touch to your handcrafted products. You can choose from among lots of different colours and customise it with hanging or sticky labels. You can customise them with your logo, brand, a name... lots of different options!

  • The coolest packing for glasses!

    Kraft-coloured glasses box, decorated with a blue satin ribbon and white customised labels with the logo or brand. Perfect for shops or to sell your glasses brand.

    Add an original touch to your gift with this glasses box.

  • We all dream of the perfect wedding, so we want everything to be taken care of up to the last little detail. Do you want a great little gift for your guests? With these boxes for weddings you can thank them for coming with a little gift.

    Decorate it with flag-shaped customisable labels, a golden string and a pretty dried flower. What a cool little box!

  • Your little ones will be delighted with their new shoes! And with this fun box.

    Shoebox for children which you can use to keep toys and other things. With a white lid and a Kraft-coloured base, decorated with a green satin ribbon and flag-shaped labels.

    This shoe box is so much fun! 

  • 2,64 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Display your cookies in this beautiful little cookie box. A grey box with a see-through lid, the perfect way to show off a cookie gift. Decorated with washi tape with bright pink dots and a grey satin ribbon. 

    The perfect pair to your cookie gift!

  • Are you are lover of handcrafted objects? Customise your box and sell or give scented candles as a gift. A beautiful box for scented candles, blue with a sticky label. You can add our accessories: washi tape, strings, etc. 

    A perfect box for jars for candles, lotions and other handcrafted products.

    Top-notch packaging for your products!

  • Make cupcakes your gift with this beautiful box!

    Box for cupcakes, white and decorated with a cloth ribbon with cupcake drawings, flag-shaped labels and more. A different and original way to deliver your cupcakes.

    Ideal for shops or as a present for the sweetest person you know.

  • Sell or give natural cosmetics as gifts in this beautiful little box, see-through inside with a white slip, so as to show off your products.

    Add a personal touch to the box with a customised sticker with your brand logo. Play around with the inside and outside colours and create an attractive combination.

    Perfect for shops or gifts.

  • This decorated box for jewels will become the ideal packaging for yours. Perfect for rings, earrings, pendants... In a beautiful shade of burgundy and decorated with a satin ribbon and a customised sticker with your logo or brand. 

    Perfect for shops or gifts.

  • Prepare your own natural juices and sell them, or enjoy them yourself in this glass bottle with a custom tag. You can write it and decorate it yourself to complete the perfect kit: a tagged bottle and a cardboard box.

    A great idea for smoothies and natural juices!

  • 2,78 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Are you a lover of eco-friendly products? Nobody will be able to resist these handmade lotions in this beautiful packaging!

    A box for handmade lotions, kraft-coloured and decorated with hemp string and hanging customised labels. Add your logo, name or a sentence and surprise your clients, guests or whoever you wish.

    Ideal for shops and special occasions like birthdays or weddings.

  • Are you looking for packaging for your jewellery shop?

    This box will be perfect for all kinds of jewellery: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets... Elegance and simplicity in its purest state!

    This box for jewellery is black, with a round sticker with the jewellery brand and a beautiful feather in shades of brown. Inside, you can place a piece of foam to hold the ring or another jewel. How beautiful!

  • Are you looking for a box to keep small gifts? The Little Square Love Box is just perfect because it fits lots and lots of love inside.  Decorated with washi tape in shades of pink, with a soft hemp string, a round kraft tag and a Love tag.

    It is perfect for sweets, jewellery and small tokens that will make a difference. These boxes are ideal for gifts for special occasions such as christenings, first communions, weddings, birthdays… 

    Surprise your loved ones with the Little Square Love Box. 

  • Cover your products in pink. Beautiful packaging for little cosmetic items!

    Light pink box with a fuchsia slip, the perfect combination. Decorated with a hanging white label, customised with the brand and a hemp string. 

    Add a little sprig from a flower or plant so it looks even more natural. 

  • Handcrafted products? Surprise your clients with this pretty box for deliveries, easy to assemble and customise with a sticky label. A customisable label for your logo or the message of your choice.

    Inside the box you can add tissue paper and complete it with ribbons, washi tape, etc.

    How cool!

  • 1,64 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Wedding favours to conquer people's hearts.

    Boxes that open into a flower and sticky labels. Orange or fuchsia, lively colours to get your guests' attention. You can introduce sweets or little gifts.

    How pretty!

  • Are you looking for a box for little crafts? This is it! Blue with a see-through slip, you can introduce scented salts, sweets or any little crafted product. You can also customise it with a sticky label with your logo and end up with top-notch packaging!

    You can also add an original touch with decorative ribbons, washi tape and much more.

  • Do you want to be original with your shoes? With these boxes you can deliver your shoes in the coolest way!

    Shoebox with a red lid and a Kraft-coloured base, decorated with a ribbon or washi tape and a customised label with your brand. Corporate packaging that will make your shoes stand out even more.

    Ideal as a gift box for shoe shops.

  • Are you looking to surprise someone with a delicious bottle of wine? This box for a bottle of wine with a handle is the perfect option to wrap your bottle and make it into a gift for any special occasion. In the shape of a bag with a beige cord. Decorated with green and burgundy washi tape and a sticker with the message “Enjoy your day”

    The possibilities are endless with this box for a bottle of wine with a handle!

  • Easter? A birthday party? Everyone will love the Cake box with the face of a bunny, with white and orange ears. A perfect box to decorate or introduce a small cake or any kind of sweet.

    Ideas for Easter or a children's party!

  • These bars of soap smell great!

    And even better in this box for bars of soap. A perfect littlekraft-coloured box for handmade products as gifts or to sell.

    Decorated with a string and with hanging flag-shaped labels in shades of yellow. You can customise your hanging labels with your brand, a sentence or any word. Perfect for shops or gifts.

  • Send pretty this Christmas!

    With this shipping Box with printed reindeer your presents will require no further wrapping. You will be able to decorate the box with a ribbon with white tassels, a Christmas sticker for, the perfect packaging! Idea for shops, events and all kinds of presents.

    Give the most original gifts this Christmas!

  • The perfect box for clothing items!

    With a Kraft-coloured lid and a white base, decorated with pastel green washi tape and a customised sticker with the logo of the brand. A different and original way of surprising your clients.

    It is also perfect as a gift, for lots of things: photographs, clothing items, accessories, etc.

  • Save the Date small box to offer to your guests. Give them small wedding favours in this charming box in pastel pink, with a Save the Date tag and satin coral ribbons. Love wears pink!

    A nice way to surprise your guests on the most important day of your life. Start thinking what you’re going to put inside!

  • Are you a lover of homemade preserves? Now you can package them and sell them as a complete kit! With this jam jar, decorated and personalised with a tag and matching box. The tag also allows you to add a sticker, ribbons and anything you can think of.

    A perfect jar for jams and other preserves. The perfect packaging for your homemade products!

  • Do you want to make a difference with a very original box?

    Give cupcakes in these original box for confectionery goods. A grey printed picnic box.

    Very original packaging for cakes, cupcakes, biscuits...

  • Boxes with love messages “You are unique” to show how much you love that very special person. A box in the shape of an envelope, perfect for photos, invitations…

    A small grey box, decorated with pink dotted washi tape and a black satin ribbon. It also includes a white tag with a love message. 

  • White Christmas box to give people top-notch gifts!

    Everyone will love the packaging with this pretty Kraft-coloured box with a white lid decorated with a maroon decorated ribbon and a round sticker with a message.

    Don't wait any longer and make your gifts give off tons of creativity!