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  • This flat box is ideal to give away photos or deliver invitations, and it can be customised to your liking. Add some pretty feathers so it stands out among other gifts. Decorating these boxes is very easy, fun and has amazing results

  • Picnic box decorated with lots of love to celebrate Valentine's day with dinner in the moonlight. Sounds good doesn't it? This box will make the evening even more romantic!

  • Box for flowers that will make your gift even more romantic with this decoration based on feathers and ribbons. You'll just need a few materials and a lot of imagination for your box to be special and unique

  • If you want your brand to stand out, nothing will be more effective than this postal box with a sleeve. This box with a sleeve is 100% customisable, which will add a more professional touch to your products, You can choose whatever sleeve design you prefer, with no limitations of colour or text, and you can also choose from several sizes depending on what you need.

  • Take a seat and get the microwave ready, the box for popcorn already is. With this box you can enjoy popcorn as if you were at the cinema. Decide how many you want to eat with the two available sizes and, make sure everyone knows which yours is by choosing colours and customising it to your liking!

  • Because you must take care of every detail when you know you have something really good and want to present it in the best possible way. This is why this cardboard box with a sleeve will add that special and distinctive touch to your product and make it even more unique.

  • One of the prettiest and most elegant designs. The black and white design will make your gifts stand out and add a completely unique and special touch. Add some labels and it will become truly unique!

  • This box with a customisable sleeve can be very intriguing. Decorate your box with a message, a pretty or mysterious one. You gift will no doubt be seen in a completely different way. What might it be hidding? The box is just the outside and hides something incredible!

  • With this beautiful box for sweets with a string add a unique homemade touch to your products. With this see-through lid, they'll definitely want to grab one!

  • The look of surprise of the little ones when they see this large box with a customisable sleeve is priceless, for you can decorate it however you like and include festive decoration. No doubt the best complement for gifts at a birthday party.

  • The best way to carry your snacks is with this pretty box. When you meet your friends or want to give them delicious nuts, the best way to do it is with a snack box. With this box in a plain colour, you can choose among various sizes and shapes.

  • Make sure they don't expect what they'll get with this product presentation box. Make a present or present a new product line, it will result in surprise anyway. Make your box perfect by customising it and choose the right size to fit your needs.

  • If you want some real party boxes in your party, the best you can do is decorate them to your liking. Use different shaped boxes: elongated, square... and decorate them however you please, add confetti or labels, the possibilities are endless. How can you make them really stand out?

  • Because we all know the best presents are the smallest ones. This is why when they see this box with a customisable sleeve they will know there is something special inside. Surprise the kids with pretty motifs that the little ones will love, and so will adults!

  • We all have that friend we share good times and good beer with. With a pretty bag-shaped box with a cardboard handle you can decorate, that holds up to two beers, you can surprise him. Ideal for gifts, you can decorate it with texts and logos in case you have a handcrafted beer you want everyone to know about. Make sure they savour the moment.

  • For that friend who loves beer and will appreciate it. Now you can decorate a box for beers and surprise him. Decorate it with texts and logos. This bad-shaped box with a cardboard handle holds one beer. Perfect for a gift for that beer-loving friend or for your handcrafted beer you want the world to know about. It will make the beer really special.

  • If you want to host unique events, this box will make it easy. With this box for events which you can use in many ways, you will give your stand a unique style. Fill it with product samples, sweets or any gift. You can customise the box in any way you like so it adapts to your message, including your brand and any details you need.

  • Surprise everyone with this box for product presentation. Whether it is to present a new line of products or as a gift for someone, these boxes will make it special. They are customisable and come in different colours and sizes. Choose the one that best adapts to your product and surprise everyone.

  • What is the best way to carry nuts? With this snack box you have the answer for whenever you are with friends or choose an assortment of nuts as a present. No doubt, there is no better way of doing it. This box can be printed with a theme and comes in several shapes and sizes.

  • Because less is more. This is a cardboard box with a customisable sleeve. It includes a sleeve with a message or brand, so everyone knows where it's from. Because a word to the wise is sufficient.

  • A pretty box is the best way to carry your snacks. Whether you are meeting friends or what to give someone delicious nuts as a gift, the best way to do it is, no doubt, a snack box. You can choose from several shapes and sizes of this plain-coloured box.

  • Your guests will want more with this cone-shaped box for parties. Fill it up with sweets as a gift for guests and make the box unique by customising it.

  • Amaze your guests and fill this carton-shaped box with sweets, balloons... whatever you can think of! They won't expect it and will be delighted when they see what is inside.

  • Add a unique touch to your business with these take-away hamburger boxes. These boxes will add the distinctive touch your business needs by merging utility and style. Your clients will be delighted when they take their food home.

  • Take care of your clients and they will thank you!

    Do you have an event coming up? Do you want to surprise everyone with a very original little gift? Stand out with this box for brand gifts, white and decorated with a dark grey satin ribbon and fluorescent pink washi tape.

    Everyone will love it!

  • Get every little detail ready for a unique wedding. Here we show you an decorative idea so your Wedding Party Boxes look really original. Fill it up with as many little gifts, souvenirs and other bits and bobs as you can. Be inspired by this box and let your imagination roam free, so your boxes add that unique touch only they can give your wedding. The magic is in the little details!

  • Do you sell nuts or want to give them as a gift? With one of these boxes for nuts with a window it is very easy to do. Add a label and next to the gap and you'll create a simple but attractive packaging.

  • Use our ideas for your boxes of photos and, with a pinch of imagination on your part, create truly original boxes. You can also use them for guests, reminders or anything else you can think of, for you can create a design of your choice

  • Because writing the name of the recipient is history. Now, with this box with a customisable sleeve you can add the receiver's photo. Add a photo of you enjoying yourselves, or the funniest or silliest photo you can find. You can add anything to the box sleeve, they will love it!

  • If you don't know how to make your sweets stand out in your counter, here is this decoration idea. Add labels, ribbons or whatever you can think of to make a box that looks really delicious inside.

  • This box for sweets is all you need for that adorable touch. With this box, everyone's mouth will water when they see the sweets, with the see-through lid that allows you to see inside.

  • Get inspired by our ideas to decorate your own wedding box. Conquer your guests with a nice design when you give them their beautiful gift. Because the best ones come in a small box, and even better if you've decorated it yourself.

  • One of the simplest boxes with a beautiful design before which no one will remain indifferent. You just need a little imagination and some labels and ribbons to create a very unique little box!

  • Smart, small and square box for chocolates. For its shape and its inner reinforcements, it is ideal as a wedding invitation or favour.

  • A fully multipurpose box with a very pretty design perfect for any situation. Add washi tapes, ribbons, labels or whatever you can come up with to make the design unique. The outside is as amazing as what it holds.

  • If you are thinking of a watch or a bracelet as a gift, nothing will hold it better than an elongated box like this one. The black box and white sleeve bring extraordinary elegance. Add a ribbon and a label to customise it and your wrapping will be truly amazing.

  • Get the napkins ready as the cake is in this box. With this large box you'll be able to keep large cakes and protect them with a lid and a reinforced base to make sure it doesn't break and arrives in perfect conditions. Decorate it to your liking to make the cake even more special.

  • Is there leftover cake and you want to take a piece? Then, this is the ideal box. With the box for cakes you can take away small slices, with a beautiful design that will surprise everyone. But be careful! Now everyone might want a piece and there'll be none left for you.

  • The prettiest ideas for boxes for slices of cake will come from you, but we want to help you out. Ideal for take-away businesses or parties, these boxes for slices are exactly what you need, for there's nothing greater than decorating boxes and giving them your own style.

  • Labels, ribbons and a little imagination are all you need to create the prettiest box for cakes ever. With this closed box that protects the inside you will make sure mouths are watering well before the first bite.

  • If you don't want people to know there are nuts inside, this windowless box for nuts is perfect for you. The lack of a gap means a bigger surface to decorate. Add your own style to surprise everyone!

  • If you want to give someone some candles, a special mug or small gifts, there is no better wrapping than this square box. Use your imagination to create your own style and decorate it with some feathers, ribbons and whatever you can think of. The result will really stand out.

  • Are you very trendy and want your gifts to be too? So will the packaging with this terrazzo gift box. This cardboard box has a pretty pattern that will make your gift stand out above the rest.

  • Decorate your gift boxes with pretty floral motifs to add an even prettier and more personal touch. You can choose between the different colours to make it to your liking.

  • Do you want to make sure your gift is not unnoticed? With this terrazzo gift box it won't. This box with a pattern adds beautiful motifs to make your little gifts stand out.

  • Your presents will never be the same with these beautiful 3D flowers. When they see them, everyone will be surprised! They won't know whether to keep the gift or the box.

  • Decorate this simple yet pretty gift box, adding a unique and adorable touch to your gifts. You can use our ideas for inspiration, so yours are even more special. Surprise everyone!

  • This gift box with a flower-shaped opening is as simple as it is pretty, and it really stands out. With your imagination it can become a real beauty. Be inspired and with a little help on our side show is how pretty it can be.

  • Decorate our cone shaped boxes with flowers and leaves, together with adhesive cloth ribbons or washi tapes for effects as great as these. The perfect packaging for romantic and natural-looking weddings and events

  • Discover the possibilities these boxes offer and how easy it is to turn them into vases that will look great anywhere in your home. Use lace, ribbons, labels, etc. You'll just need a little glue and a lot of imagination

  • A flower is always a good gift, but if you want your clients to be really surprised and impressed by your flowers, decorate them with stickers (you can add your logo), labels and a little colour. With this you’ll not just have the best packing to carry your flowers in, it will also become a wrapper for the perfect present.

  • Box for bouquets with a minimalist decoration based on cork washi tape and tissue paper. Easily add a special touch to our box for flowers by using natural materials that will make your flowers stand out even more.

  • Printed carton-shaped box, perfect packaging for original gifts. Enquire about the customised prints! If you want to surprise someone this Valentine's day, add a few arrows and, you'll be sure to conquer!

  • Bag with a bow for little gifts, sweets, chocolates... Decorate it with love and a little imagination, like we have done here with Cupid's arrows. Your valentine will love you even more!

  • Box decorated with Cupid's arrows for small objects, chocolates or sweets. Do you want Cupid to reach that person you yearn for? Here is the solution!

  • Box with a lid for Valentine's day, perfect for very special presents filled with love. All you need to prove your love is a shirt box and a bit of imagination!

  • Arrow decorated box, a great idea for a Valentine's day gift. Any little present you place inside this box will become a big deal. You just need to decorate it with all your love and you'll be sure to conquer!

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year!

    Printed box of Chinese noodles with Oriental motifs that are ideal for themed parties that will delight partygoers, big and small.

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year!

    Kraft box decorated with Oriental motifs and a ribbon that is perfect for packaging original gifts or for themed parties.

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