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  • Enjoy your take away breakfast wherever you want! With our box you will be able to prepare delicious breakfasts to give away or to take them wherever you want. Combine the breakfasts you want; savory, sweet, mixed... We assure you that the products inside will be well protected, and thanks to our food protection layer, the box will not be damaged.

  • Do you want to surprise your guests with an artisan sweet? We present you our cinnamon roll box, a sweet that everyone likes. The design of the square box allows you to put inside all kinds of handmade creations from cookies, cupcakes, etc.. Choose the color and customize it with your logo, photo or phrase and enjoy giving to your guests.

  • Ummmmm! Surrender to the taste of these mini cupcakes full of flavor. Made with natural products, these mini cupcakes will be the delight of any sweet tooth. Our take away food box is the perfect size for transporting them. Whether it is for personal use or for your grocery store, with this box you will be able to surprise.

  • Alert to all churro lovers! Our take away churro boxes have arrived, you will be able to enjoy this delicacy wherever you want. With these fully customized boxes you can enjoy your favorite sweet in a cheerful and fun way. Let your imagination fly and create amazing boxes.

  • Every popular holiday has its corresponding candy, a way to celebrate and enjoy the holidays in a different way. With our box with transparent lid the customer will be able to see the product inside. A good presentation can make your candy look more attractive and tasty.

  • Celebrate love on your wedding day by giving this box ideal for two macarons. Nobody is bitter for a sweet, that's why this type of gift is becoming a winning option for important events. This elegant little box will be the perfect accompaniment for handmade macarons made especially for the event. Finish it off with the personalised sticker and seal your box.

  • We have the perfect box to sell assortments of macarons in different flavours. Its elongated shape will protect the macarons, and its transparent lid will allow you to see the assortment inside. Available in a variety of colours, it will surprise your customers!

  • Nobody likes a sweet tooth, right? Today we bring you the perfect take away picnic box to give as a gift with some candy inside. Surprise your loved ones or friends with this super sweet gift. Put your sweet treats inside and finish it off with this great packaging.

  • Looking for XL cake packaging? If you need a large box to protect and transport your large cakes we have the perfect option for you. This kraft tray is strong enough to hold the weight of a large cake, and if you need more protection, choose our clear lid. 

  • Single macaron boxes, ideal as party favour boxes. Let your children decorate them!

  • Square cardboard box, perfect to contain original christening gifts. For its shape, it is easy to decorate.

  • Rabbit-shaped box decorated with baker's twine. With an Easter egg in it, it will be the ideal gift box for Easter.

  • Transparent cupcake box perfect as a first communion gift. Its clear design and waved cupcake insert grants a charming appearance.

  • Single macaron boxes, easy assembly. Ideal as wedding favour boxes. Elegant macaron boxes.

  • Cardboard chocolate box. Find the insert here.

  • Macaron favour boxes, they are ideal as wedding favour boxes.

  • Popcorn box to decorate your Easter table. With a chocolate egg inside and some of our decoration accessories you’ll get an amazing result.

  • Single macaron boxes. An original wedding favour for your wedding guests.

  • Rectangular boxes for 5 cupcakes. We designed them for the cupcake shop La María Castaña (Barcelona).

  • Card food tray for French fries and hot dogs, perfect packaging for wedding food truck services.

  • PVC box for a cupcake, it is perfect as a wedding favour. Cupcakes are trendy… Let yourself be carried away by the sweetest trend!

  • Little square box for chocolates, very easy to decorate. Take a look at the related products (or in the DIY section to decorate it as you wish.

  • Card food tray ideal for patisseries and food truck services. Food safe cardboard available.

  • Box for Easter eggs in shape of a rabbit. On our blog you’ll find a tutorial to dye Easter eggs.

  • You can not go wrong with this adorable gift box. Ask here if you want to purchase it in turquoise.

  • This little box is perfect to give flat things as a present, such as… decorated cookies! Decorate it with a simple ribbon and add on it a label with your addressee’s name.

    Your cookies will look nicer than ever!

  • Square box with independent lid, ideal for chocolates. Put your logo on the adhesive and self-printable label and you’ll get a professional and corporate result.

  • Little box for Easter eggs with the shape of a rabbit. With the natural hemp cord it will be much easier to decorate.

  • Rectangular gift box for chocolates with cardboard sleeve closing. Print a message on the adhesive label for a personalised present.

  • Box for sweets. Ask here if you want this box in 2 different colour shades.

  • Little bag with cord for chocolates. Create your own personalised message with the adhesive self-printable label.

  • Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Then you will love personalising this box. This little box with cord is ideal for decorating with scrapbook features. Perfect for any kind of gift. Present your gift in the most personal way!

  • Little small box to contain some candies for Halloween. In black and with decorations in flashy colours, ideal when children ask you ‘trick or treat?’ 

  • Little square decorated box for giving presents to wedding guests. Design your own print and impress your guests. Decorate your little box with ribbons, felt figures and baker's twine. It'll look wonderful!

  • Gift box decorated for christening invitations. For its size, its ideal for candy or sugar-coated almonds, and with the duck-shaped felt pendant it is perfect for children.

  • Square gift box, perfect for candy presents. Write a message on the adhesive self-printable label for a personalised package.

  • Little gift box for Valentine’s Day. With our felt hearts you’ll get the perfect package for the most romantic present.

  • Square gift box. For its shape, it is very easy to decorate. In our section DIY, you will find more decorative treats and ideas.

  • This gift box is perfect for Christmas. Ask here to print orders over 300 units.

  • Do you want to give your present in the sweetest box? This flat box is ideal for giving decorated biscuits, cookies or chocolates. Tie it up with a bow and it will look amazing.

    Easy to put together and decorate. An irresistable idea!

  • Little transparent box for cupcakes, it is perfect for wedding favours. Match the outer decoration with the cupcake colour and the result will be perfect.

  • This little cupcake box is perfect to give as a gift to guests at weddings. Print wedding details on the optional adhesive self-printable label for a perfect package.

  • Transparent cupcake box, ideal for christening favours. Being square, it will be easier to decorate with the items you’ll find in our section Accessories.

  • Transparent box for weddings. Ideal as a gift for guests because it lets you see what is inside the box.

  • 1,29 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • This delicate light pink box is perfect for sweets and little gifts, for a christening or a wedding.

    You may decorate it or print it with your company logo or a nice illustration. You'll then have a unique personalized gift box.

  • Square box. It's been decorated for baby showers.

  • Square presentation box for chocolates. It’s perfect for Easter.

  • Original rabbit-shaped cardboard box. It’s ideal for children’s birthday parties.

  • This bunny-shaped box is ideal for Easter… or for children’s parties.

  • With this party treat box, your parties will be a success. And also your Easter treats! 

  • 1,94 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 1,56 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Are you having a party? Make it the coolest party with this cone decorated box! A perfect box to keep all types of sweets or to give as a present at baptisms or communions.

    The kids will love it! Decorate it with washi tapes, labels, strings, etc.

  • White Christmas! This Christmas, your presents will make even more of an impression. Whit and black boxes decorated with white labels and a ribbon. Perfect for gifting jewellery, sweets, and all kinds of little gifts to surprise who you want this festive season.

    You can personalize them with any number of decorations: felt, washi tapes, banners, etc.

    Enjoy a White Christmas!

  • Tired of typical Christmas hampers? Be the most original! Ideal for companies and individuals, this cardboard tray turns into the coolest Christmas hamper.

    Add the products that you want and decorate this tray with felt, labels, ribbons and many other Christmas decorations.

    There won’t have been a cooler hamper!

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