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How to make a Welcome Pack
23 Jun
In many cases, packaging ends up being a marketing strategy to promote products or create brand experiences through their boxes, wrapping or labelling. This is why brands are more and more interested in creating Welcome Packs. Welcome packaging, to present the product, packaging for sales, etc. Today we want to show you the importance and possible kinds of Welcome Packs and, of course, how to make a Welcome Pack.   What is a Welcome Pack? A Welcome Pack has...
10 ideas on How to wrap boxes
1 Jun
More than once you must have thought, How do I wrap this box? We know it's the first impression that counts, so it is important to know how to decorate it to fit each occasion. You may need to decorate a box for Valentine's day, a birthday or maybe a wedding. There are many maybes, which is why today we want to show you How to wrap boxes. 10 ideas on how to wrap boxes for different occasions. All very different but all very, very special. Let's get cracking! We...
How to wrap bottles
21 Mar
Are you considering a wine bottle as a gift? As you know, wrapping a bottle is not an easy task. The way you present the bottle is essential to create a great first impression! The bottle wrapping nightmare is over, today we teach you How to wrap bottles in 11 different styles. Your present will look amazing! A quality product is not enough to surprise people since the importance of packaging and presentation grows daily. It can lead your present or product to success or...
19 Sep
 Photography lovers and professionals say that an image is worth a thousand words, and today we are showing you some trends in artistic photography.   Technology brings us a huge range of techniques in photography, and the recent tendency has evolved towards a more creative and artistic photograph, without forgoing traditional outlines.   Two keys for guaranteed success: Good control of photographic techniques and good presentation of your...
29 Oct
A new colour has been added to our palette… Pastel purple! Purple was the colour worn by Roman Emperors and magistrates, and later by Roman Catholic bishops. Since that time, purple has been commonly associated with royalty and piety. Also one of the most used colours for wedding party decorations, and one of the trendiest colours for hair colouring these days (if you are dare enough).   Pastel purple hair   Purple slows down an over-active heart,...