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  • This box emulates the popcorn boxes. It is very versatile, use it for confectionery contents. Also ideal for parties or as a gift box.

  • Popcorn box for birthday tables. Use it to hold straws, sweets, confetti etc… Your birthday table will look awesome.

  • Box in the shape of a popcorn box, it can bring you thousands of uses. You can put candies or chocolates in it, use it for birthday parties, to decorate or even as a special wrapping for a present.

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  • Are you having a party? Make it the coolest party with this cone decorated box! A perfect box to keep all types of sweets or to give as a present at baptisms or communions.

    The kids will love it! Decorate it with washi tapes, labels, strings, etc.

  • Take a seat and get the microwave ready, the box for popcorn already is. With this box you can enjoy popcorn as if you were at the cinema. Decide how many you want to eat with the two available sizes and, make sure everyone knows which yours is by choosing colours and customising it to your liking!

  • Use a simple popcorn box to give your party with friends, family, or your partner an extra special finishing touch. Get inspired by our ideas and decorate your popcorn boxes with personalised individual messages your guests will love.

  • Decorate our fun cone-shaped boxes with accessories to make them even more special. Got a party coming up? Your guests will love to see these fabulous boxes you've decorated yourself.

  • Want your party to be perfect yet simple? It'll be easy with these popcorn boxes. With a simple design that'll go perfectly with any little extras you add, your guests will be surprised and amazed.

  • Enjoy like a child with our animal-shaped boxes! Children and adults alike will fall under the charm of these little boxes in the shape of a rabbit, mouse and elephant. Available in different colors, they will add a personal touch to any children's event.

  • Our Mommy Louise Milano Christmas edition picnic box is perfect for all of your upcoming holiday events. The box in a vibrant red color will add color to all your parties and events this Christmas. Copy this idea, choose our picnic box on the web in a Christmas color, print a personalized label and succeed this Christmas.