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  • Box for standard mugs, ideal for wedding favours for guests or as an original company gift.


  • Cardboard box to hand out mugs. With our decorative ribbons and cardboard labels, it will look amazing.

  • Boxes to give mugs as a present, with holes which let you see the mug design. An original wedding gift.

  • The personalized box for two mugs is perfect to give away during birthdays or Christmas. You can make something special with this box and personalize it at your taste. Get creative using our complements such as washi tapes and tags! 

  • This cardboard box is perfect for mugs. You can decorate it with a SelfPackaging fabric ribbon.

  • This box for mugs has been decorated with washi tape. For its square shape, it is very easy to decorate.

  • Cardboard box for mugs, with holes that let you see the inner design. Standard mug size.

  • Shared breakfasts taste better!

    Box for two cups, in a kraft color that is very easy to decorate. Decorated with strings, heart-shaped tag, washi tapes, and much more! The possibilities are endless.

    Ideal for shops and perfect with a personalized label of your brand or ideal to surprise who you want with two beautiful cups.

  • This box for mugs has been decorated with our patterned cotton ribbon and our cardboard labels.

  • Original gift boxes for mugs. Mugs are from the lovely shop Mamushka located in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). There, you will find unique gifts.

  • This box for mugs can be a very special gift for Valentine's Day. Give a personalized mug with your photo or a message of love in this box especially designed to hold mugs. Decorate it with accessories like these and you'll have the most romantic gift . Love is in the air!

  • Use this personalised and sturdy gift box for a cup without handles or a beautiful glass. You can add your logo and glittery washi tape to give your package a bit of bling!

  • Packaging for cups has to be attractive, sturdy, and adaptable. This box does it all! Package your cup in this brown cardboard box and personalise it to make it stand out even more.

  • Let nothing stop you from setting up your online business! If you want to open your online business and you don't know where to start, start with the packaging. We only have three seconds to make a good first impression, the same happens when you receive your packaging. Surprise your buyers with a printed box that protects your items.