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  • Celebrate the spookiest Halloween with us! Buy our perfume box and customize it as a Mummy with gauze. An easy DIY to do with your children, family or friends. Finish giving it a personal touch with your eyes and enjoy an original box with which to enjoy a terrifying night.

  • Your guests will be scared to death with your Monstuo Halloween box! Customize our popcorn box and give it a personal touch to enjoy one of the spookiest nights of the year. Put your favorite candies inside and start sharing with your friends and family.

  • Create your Halloween candy packs with our pumpkin box with evil smile and give it to your neighbors' children. No doubt our picnic box is suitable for all events, customize it according to the occasion and enjoy your event. Do you like crafts? Halloween is the perfect opportunity to create a craft with your children by cutting out the pumpkin-shaped box. Are you in?

  • The smile of a frightening pumpkin decorates this little box which was thought to contain in it some Halloween candies. Trick or treat?

  • Box for a single cupcake, it is decorated for Halloween parties. Ask here if you want to purchase your gift box in this colour.

  • Little box for Halloween candies. You can download all these frightening silhouettes here. Ask here the option of mixing colours for this box.

  • Box for 6 cupcakes, with transparent lid. With a proper decoration, this box will be ideal to carry Halloween sweets… muahahahahaha...!

  • Original box for Halloween parties. On our Spanish blog you’ll find the decoration tutorial for this Halloween box. 

  • Our bat box is perfect to be able to go begging for knick-knacks around the houses. Customize the take-away box with bat wings and enjoy a spooky night where you can choose between trick or treat. Are you up for it?

  • We love presents… and lovely packages! This clear box is an excellent option.

  • With this framed PVC box the success is assured. Mix the colours of the inner object with the ones from the box… Scare them to death!

  • Picnic box for Halloween… muahahaha… Ask here if you want this little box in orange, as you can see in the picture.

  • This little gift box is perfect to give sweets on Halloween night. With a washi tape and baker's twine the result will be spectacular… and terrifying!!

  • Clear PVC box to give sweets as a present on Halloween. Ask here if you want to purchase it in this colour.

  • This little box is perfect to use at parties, such as Halloween. You can put some cookies or candies in it, the ones children get on Halloween Night. You can decorate it with frightening motifs and labels.

  • Rectangular gift box with Halloween decoration. Ask here if you want your box in this colour or other colours displayed on our website.

  • An original way to invite your guests to your own Halloween party. This flat and square box gives you thousands of ideas for customisation. Choose your colour and decorate it with a terrifying label!

  • Wings, a cardboard mouth and little eyes… There you go! We have our box for Halloween candies. Children will really enjoy decorating this simple little box, with a little bit of imagination it can become a bat.

  • Popcorn box with Halloween decoration. Check our Spanish blog for materials you need to make this decoration.

  • This box is perfect for jewellery, but it is also perfect for sweets on Halloween Night. Ask here if you want to purchase it in these colours.

  • Little box with Halloween decoration, it won’t be easy to decide between trick or treat… Inspire yourself and scare them with this original decoration.


  • Elongated box, ideal for handing out sweets on Halloween night. Ask here if you want to purchase it in these colours.

  • Little box to put Halloween candies in it. 

  • Elongated box with Halloween decoration. Ask here if you want to purchase it in these colours. Trick or treat…?

  • Original gift box, decorated to contain some Halloween candies. On our Spanish blog you’ll find a tutorial with material to download for free to make this decoration.

  • Cardboard pillow box for Halloween. Take a look at this blog post (in Spanish) where you’ll find a tutorial to know how to make this Halloween decoration.

  • Original little box for Halloween parties. 

  • Halloween sweets will look much better inside this nice little box, decorated with baker's twine and labels with the drawing of a spider on it. Frightening!!

  • A frightening smile decorates these little orange Halloween boxes. Ideal for contents such as sweets, chocolates and candy. Trick or treat?

  • Gift box decorated with a Halloween theme. The coolest idea for decorating your home at Halloween or for storing sweets! Start creating your own and personalise it as you wish.

    Trick or treat?  

  • Decorated with coloured bats, this little box gives a terrifying touch and very ideal for Halloween parties. Decorate it with a bakers twine and washi tape or other ideas for a perfect presentation box


  • Gift box decorated with a Halloween theme. Want to decorate a cardboard box in a Halloween style and impress everyone? Ideal for the little ones or for decorating with sweets at Halloween.

    You'll be scared stiff! 

  • Little small box to contain some candies for Halloween. In black and with decorations in flashy colours, ideal when children ask you ‘trick or treat?’ 

  • Ideal for Halloween candy and sweets. Ask here if you want it in orange.

  • Gift box with independent lid, it has been decorated for Halloween. Click on this link for more Halloween decoration ideas.