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  • Eco-friendly box for sushi. Do you have a restaurant and need boxes for your sushi? Make typical plastic packaging a thing of the past and commit to our kraft-coloured boxes. Their design is attractive and minimalistic for making your packaging more personalised.

  • Mmm sushi! What a delicacy! Surprise your friends with a different home-made dinner. Create different types of sushi, personalise the box with the name of your restaurant and off you go! You will have your takeaway food ready for wherever you go.

  • 1, 2, 3... we’ve got more sushi! Customise the box with three pieces of sushi Perfect for giving little gifts or getting less of a certain type of sushi. If your clients prefer less, but they order a lot, this is the solution for you!

  • Any meal needs to end with something sweet. That’s why today we’ve got our mini box where you can include typical Japanese desserts like mochis. Presenting them in nice packaging will make them even more appetising. Let your imagination run wild and start designing your box!

  • If you love sushi just as much as we do, you will need a big box for all your different pieces.

  • The most original box for sushi! It’s design makes it unique and special and you can store 2 rolls in it (California fans here!) and they will stay separate without damaging the inside. The cardboard boxes for sushi are safe enough for transporting food.