Boxes for gift cards

These boxes and their cards are a must for any celebration, event or meeting. You will be able to grab the attention of the person receiving them with their pretty and elegant design, and with the shapes of the boxes themselves along with the cards, they won’t go unnoticed. Give your cards the unique style you want and that they deserve.


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  • £ 0,72
    The most elegant way to present your cards or vouchers
  • £ 1,44
    Your cards won’t go unnoticed
  • £ 2,53
    A box that will give your cards a different touch
  • £ 3,61
    Do you have something important to say? With this box your cards will be centre-stage.
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Boxes for gift cards

DO YOU WANT YOUR CARDS AND INVITATIONS TO STAND OUT LIKE NO OTHER? Here you will find everything you need to do it. With these boxes and their cards you can adapt whatever you want to say to any situation. Whether it is giving a gift by saying something to a special someone, for delivering invitations for an event or celebration, or for grabbing people’s attention from the word go with your vouchers, these boxes and their cards will be perfect for any occasion and will fulfil their aim of standing out and impressing whoever receives them.

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