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  • Box for bouquets with a minimalist decoration based on cork washi tape and tissue paper. Easily add a special touch to our box for flowers by using natural materials that will make your flowers stand out even more.

  • Box for flowers that will make your gift even more romantic with this decoration based on feathers and ribbons. You'll just need a few materials and a lot of imagination for your box to be special and unique

  • A flower is always a good gift, but if you want your clients to be really surprised and impressed by your flowers, decorate them with stickers (you can add your logo), labels and a little colour. With this you’ll not just have the best packing to carry your flowers in, it will also become a wrapper for the perfect present.

  • Decorate our cone shaped boxes with flowers and leaves, together with adhesive cloth ribbons or washi tapes for effects as great as these. The perfect packaging for romantic and natural-looking weddings and events

  • Discover the possibilities these boxes offer and how easy it is to turn them into vases that will look great anywhere in your home. Use lace, ribbons, labels, etc. You'll just need a little glue and a lot of imagination