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  • A pretty little decorated paper bag! Perfect for shops or gifts such as clothing items, accessories, jewellery and sweets. You can customise it with stickers, labels, strings, and much more! Give your presents and little gifts an original touch with this decorated paper bag, you'll surprise everyone!
    Easily carry it with its paper handle. Start to create and customise it to your taste!

  • This pink cardboard bag decorated by Mr. Wonderful is a beautiful bag, ideal for giving small gifts, for shops or for individuals.

    Guaranteed success!

  • Gift bag with ribbon tied as a bow for wedding invitations. Print the wedding information on the box matching with the colour of the ribbon and the result will be amazing.

  • How charming is this little bag, super versatile and you can use it for any small gift. Have it printed with text, a message of congratulations or the names of the bride and groom if you want to use it for a wedding.

    This printed gift bag adds an original touch to any gift. A simple yet surprising packaging!

  • This cardboard bag with hanging labels looks good on any small gift. Use it for jewellery and costume jewellery. Also works great as a gift bag for sweets or anything that comes to mind.

  • At last, you’ll have your own custom gift bags with no minimum order quantity and acceptable delivery time. 

  • This beautiful bag with string is perfect to use as packaging for sweets. You can create your own personalized bags on our website, adding your company logo and a pretty image. This personalized box is very useful for sweet and chocolate shops, bakeries, patisseries and for giving as a small gift at any event.

  • A nice memory for baptism guests. Use this beautiful gift bag for small special gifts to your guests at parties. Suitable bag for candy, chocolates and small items. So versatile, you can use it as a gift bag for anything small.

  • The Christmas tree-shaped felt in red gives a Christmas touch to this gift bag. 

  • Gift bag for jewellery. Ideal also for sweet gifts like candy, sweets or chocolates. Perfect as a wrapping package for shop customers. Add a Christmas felt on it for perfection.

  • Christmas little box in kraft colour. Add tapes, stickers or ribbons on it and you will obtain a nice to give any small object as a present: candies, chocolates, jewellery, etc.

  • A charming little pink bag to give as a present for Valentine’s Day or for any other event. 

    It’s perfect for jewellery, costume jewellery products, small accessories or simply some candy or chocolates.

  • This adorable gift box is special for baptism parties or baby showers. Surprise your guests with this favour bag and put some sweets in it: candies, chocolates, etc.

  • Small box in the shape of a gift bag for Valentine’s Day. Match it with our hearts to make it romantic.

  • Cardboard bag to give small and medium objects as a present. Ask here if you want personalized measures for orders over 500 units.

  • Little cardboard bag with ribbon for Christmas presents. It has been decorated with a small detail so it will be an ideal gift for these joyful days.

  • Give small complements or jewels as a present in this gift box. Shops can use it too as a gift box for wrapping packages. Decorate it with our Accessories to add personality.

  • Gorgeous, simple yet perfect as a gift box for jewellery shops. Ideal for gift wrapping products for customers. Personalise the present with our Accessories. Simply beautiful!

  • Small cardboard bag for wedding favours. Put the wedding information on the adhesive and self-printable label and you’ll get a perfect gift for your guests.

  • Little bag with cord for chocolates. Create your own personalised message with the adhesive self-printable label.

  • This gift bag is perfect to use in shops, as wrapping for small objects. It can be customised with a sticker with the brand’s logo.

    Do you want to personalise it? Ask here.

  • Small cardboard box for wedding favours. Put the couple’s name and the wedding date on the adhesive and self-printable label and it will be a perfect gift.

  • Gift bag perfect as a wrapping for any jewellery or costume jewellery item. Add a ribbon or a sticker with your shop’s name for a nice personalised box.

  • This little box is full of love! The Kraft colour highlights its accessories, with a black muslin lace and a hanging heart to show just how much you love them. A gorgeous way of presenting your gift: jewellery, sweets, accessories etc.

    You'll make them fall in love all over again! 

  • This little bag can be used to wrap gifts as cosmetic products or perfumes. So, it’s perfect for shops that can personalize our little box with accessories or even with their logo. If you want to print your logo on this box ask here. 

  • Cardboard gift bag for wedding favours. Decorated by Olivia Soaps.

  • Do you want to surprise everyone with the most beautiful packaging? This decorated gift bag is versatile and ideal for giving small presents. Decorated with a banner-shaped label that you can customise to your liking. It also includes a beige string and some beautiful patterns which add a natural touch to your gift.

    Perfect for sugared almonds, baptisms or communions. Simple but with guaranteed success!

  • This gift bag is ideal to surprise your clients. You can customize it with a print and create your own, very original, corporate packaging. White with a black handle, you can add your logo, which will stand out on the white of the bag.

    Decorate it and customize it to your liking. Everyone will love your customized bag for shops!