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IF YOU ARE MOVING HOUSE OR YOU SIMPLY NEED BOXES TO STORE YOUR THINGS, the best solution are our removal boxes. In Kraft colour, easy to assemble and very sturdy, you can store any kind of object in them. In this section you will find packs of removal boxes with everything necessary to store your belongings and protect them on the way to your new home.

Select the size of moving box which best suits your needs. You can also buy these removal boxes in packs or in flat form, ready to assemble. You can also buy a moving pack, filled with everything necessary to complete the move. Happy moving day!

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  • KTM_1
    £ 18,64
    Kit of 12 removal boxes,...
  • KTM_2
    £ 29,83
    Kit of 20 removal boxes,...
  • KTM_3
    £ 37,28
    Kit of 21 removal boxes,...
  • KTM_4
    £ 52,20
    Kit of 30 removal boxes,...
  • 7000
    £ 1,32
    Measures 34 x 76 x 37,5 cm.
  • 7001
    £ 1,03
    Measures 34 x 50 x 37,5 cm.
  • 7002
    £ 0,77
    Measures 17x 50 x 37,5 cm
  • 7003
    £ 0,61
    Measures 34 x 37,5 x 25 cm.
  • 7004
    £ 0,50
    Measures: 14.4 x 21.8 x 30 cm
  • CA005
    £ 3,98
    12 big packaging labels,...
  • CA006
    £ 1,99
    12 small packaging labels...
  • CV088
    £ 2,09
    Printed sellotape for...
  • CV089
    £ 4,09
    3 m roll of bubble wrap to...
  • CA007
    £ 1,35
    Adhesive labels for boxes...
  • CV090
    £ 0,70
    Thick felt-tip pen, perfect...
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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

Removal boxes

ARE YOU MOVING? OUR REMOVAL BOXES ARE THE EASIEST AND QUICKEST OPTION TO STORE YOUR THINGS. IN THIS SECTION FOR REMOVAL BOXES YOU WILL FIND PACKS OF BOXES, VERY USEFUL FOR THE JOURNEY. In these packs of removal boxes, tools and objects necessary to pack your belongings are included: adhesive tape, bubble wrap and stickers to organise your things.

Made from sturdy cardboard, these boxes are easy to assemble and come in different sizes. A super useful way to organise everything, always with a SelfPackaging touch. If you prefer you can buy these removal boxes in flat units, in order to buy only the ones you need for storage.

You can also buy a pack of moving boxes, which includes an adhesive tape and stickers to organise your things. That way you will be able to locate what you need, when you need it. Choose the perfect removal boxes, according to the measurements we indicate to you and buy moving boxes in order to make your move a smooth one or simply to use in storage rooms.. Happy moving day!