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  • The Christmas gift box is perfect for your shipments. It is a self-assembly box available in various sizes. The Christmas pattern gives a different touch to your packages, perfect for this season. You can decorate it with a pretty red or green ribbon and one of our personalised labels, etc. This Christmas, don't leave any gift without its perfect box!

  • Christmas is here and with it comes the Christmas treats! This Christmas gift bag box is ideal for the sweetest of presents. Available in various sizes and with the option to add a window to see the contents inside. Ideal for treats or sweets for the little ones, decorate it with a red ribbon and add a sticker or label to give it a special touch!

  • Christmas cardboard box with kraft lid and white base, very easy to assemble. Ideal for clothes, accessories, cosmetics, etc. Decorate the box with a red ribbon and a bell to give it that Christmas touch and don't forget to put the label to write the name of the recipient!

  • Print your boxes and be the most original! The cardboard box for Christmas gifts in size L is perfect for larger gifts that require extra protection, as they are made of microflute cardboard. Available in Kraft colour and printed with an original Christmas pattern. It can be decorated with different coloured ribbons, jingle bells and a label to put the recipient's name on it. Enjoy decorating this Christmas!

  • Don't know how to wrap your presents? Get inspired by Selfpackaging's Christmas ideas and leave nothing to chance. With this gift box with ribbon for Christmas you will leave them speechless. You can put a label or sticker on it to write the name or decorate it. Available in various sizes and colours and ideal for small gifts.

  • The best choice for those small but not less important gifts! Available in various colours and sizes, this small square Christmas gift box is ideal for jewellery or a voucher for an adventurous plan, a romantic getaway, etc. It is a very elegant option and has holes for adding a ribbon or hemp cord to give it that special touch.

  • A perfect box to store your gifts: Blankets, hats, kits ... It fits everything! With its Christmas print, you will add a unique and very festive touch to your details. This box with lid is useful both for wrapping your details and for decorating your home: it gives it such a special essence that you will want to celebrate Christmas every day.

  • Box for Christmas invitations Invite your friends to dinner in the most original way! With these flat cardboard boxes and a Christmas decoration, you can create unique invitations. They will all come! You can also use this box to make small details, or keep gifts for your guests. The possibilities are almost endless with this versatile box.

  • Cosmetics are details that always go well for Christmas. Whether it's creams, makeup, or other small gifts, the packaging is just as important as what's inside. With this versatile box you can store and package your gifts to give them a more Christmas touch. Decorate the box as you like, with stickers, ribbons or strings. There are a thousand options!

  • On these dates we usually give chocolates, candies and cookies. Why not wrap them in a special box for them? In this square box for chocolates you can store all your sweets, and create a nice gift inside and out. You will leave everyone enchanted!

  • This box is so versatile that it will be used for almost all your gifts this year. You can use it both for wrapping and shipping, with that extra protection that goes so well. Its Christmas design gives your package a very festive air, ideal for this season. Do you have your gifts ready? Time to wrap!

  • At Selfpackaging, we want to help you put a stop to the chaos that ensues when it’s time to open the presents. That’s why we’ve created our festive gift labels. All you have to do is write the name of the recipient on the back of the label. Add a personal message and attach to your gift with our gold cord.

  • A classic gift that never fails! With this cardboard bottle box you can wrap your favorite wine in the most original way. Its Christmas print makes it a unique detail. Decorate with your favorite accessories: ribbons, labels, strings ... You have different ways to make a personalized gift. Leave everyone surprised with a festive yet elegant touch with this individual wine box.

  • Christmas is the best time to give away special kits: makeup, painting, gardening ... There are many types! But they can all go well packaged with this picnic style box. Its handle makes it perfect to be transported, and it has a very festive design that everyone will love. Dare to create a kit to give this Christmas.

  • An ideal box to send postal items that have a Christmas surprise. Its pattern is unique, and it attracts a lot of attention. Its size is perfect for you to make inexpensive shipments on dates as important as Christmas. In short, the perfect box for those small gifts that cannot be left without their owner.

  • In this square box you can store any detail, from chocolates and sweets to photo frames, napkins ... Everything you can imagine. Thanks to its sash design, which provides an elegant closure, you can leave everyone speechless. It's time to make the most original gifts with this box!

  • Make the most original Christmas gifts with this box for shipping with a print. Its unique design makes your packages have that essence so typical of Christmas, that when you open it it will be an unbeatable experience. It is perfect to keep details that need extra protection, or to send your gifts to loved ones who cannot be close to these dates.

  • Gable box with Christmas design. Put the presents for your loved ones inside the boxes and they will be amazed. Bells are jingling!!

  • Flat cardboard shipping boxes, they are the perfect package thanks to our fantastic and exclusive wall sticker… Let it snow!

  • Square Christmas box, Christmas pattern designed by SelfPackaging. Christmas is here and we have the best Christmas gift boxes for you.

  • Single cupcake boxes. Nice and square boxes. Make your presents special inside our gift boxes.

  • Christmas pillow box, ideal for your Christmas presents. They have been designed by SelfPackaging.

  • Gold cupcake boxes with Christmas pattern. Highlight your presents with our gift boxes. Ho, ho, ho…

  • Cardboard shipping boxes, decorated with wall stickers. This year, make your gifts unique!

  • Gift boxes with lid for Christmas. Put our wall stickers on the box and you’ll get an original package.

  • Your products will be nicely packaged with our shipping boxes… Add a hint of originality with our wall stickers, exclusive design by SelfPackaging.

  • Cardboard boxes with handle. They have been designed for patisserie, however you can use it for your Christmas presents! You’ll get a lovely result!

  • Cardboard shipping boxes. Put our wall stickers on them, and you’ll get an original gift box.

  • Flat gift box for Christmas. Ideal for your Christmas party invitations. Add an elegant and chic touch to your Christmas party invitations! We wish you a chic Christmas!

  • Picnic gift boxes with Christmas pattern printed on it. Exclusive design by SelfPackaging. Original and minimalistic gift boxes. Add a Christmas touch to the box using our gift tags and the result will be spectacular.

  • Cardboard shipping boxes with a special design; stick our wall stickers on them! Who’s the king of the house…?

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  • White Christmas!

    Surprise with your presents this Christmas, with this white box with pompoms. Want to add a unique touch to your boxes? Decorate it easily with fun white pompoms, white ribbon and labels with Christmas messages.

    Elegance and simplicity for guaranteed success.

  • Box for a handmade Christmas invitation, it has been decorated and designed by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Don’t give it a second thought! If you don’t know what to send the family this year, a bottle of wine is always a good option. Wrap it in our tissue paper for extra protection then place it in our tall Christmas gift box. For a little bit of extra festive fun finish with a string of beautiful mini sleighbells. The perfect present!

  • Do you send Christmas cards to friends and family every year? This year why not surprise them by swapping the envelope for this specially designed Christmas card gift box? You could even include a small gift wrapped in our festive tissue paper and blue satin ribbon. It’s the little things that count!