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Winter Animals
4 Dec
In the last few days of November we know there's no turning back, the cold season is here. Mountains are snowed over and lakes are frozen. It's the time of year to enjoy our homes with a cup of hot tea on the sofa. The atmosphere we create at home should be at its best: a few cinnamon candles, the fire or heater on and a nice and warm blanket tight around us. The change of season is the perfect moment to add new decorative touches at home. Winter touches to start warming up...
Travel Memories
6 Nov
When we go on a trip we take time to take photos and videos so we can remember everything we’ve experienced. For the photos we’ve got albums and prints. With all the videos we make we can create a film. But, what happens with the things that we collect during the trip? Plane tickets, seashells from the beach, maps that we’ve used or even souvenirs that we’ve bought. Where do we keep all these things that are full of memories? They’re all part of our experience...
Halloween: monster boxes for your sweets
23 Oct
Halloween is just around the corner and we must get everything ready: the terrifying costume, a couple of pumpkins, orange and black decoration with purple touches and lots of sweets for the little ones (and those not so little). Today we want to give you some ideas on how to give out those sweets that will leave you gobsmacked! We are going to use our boxes for mugs and add a terrifying yet fun touch. Also, you'll see the step-by-step instructions are really easy so the...
How to make a projector out of a shoe box
14 Oct
You have probably thought you'd like to have a projector at home before, but you've given up the idea because they are very expensive. You have probably thought of it when you wanted to show your group of friends your holiday photos or videos. We have good news: making a DIY projector, is possible! With two magnifying glasses and a mobile phone we can make our own projector and set up our own cinema at home. Don't forget you'll need a white wall on which to...
Colouring in Mandala boxes to recharge our batteries
2 Oct
This month we decided to follow the Mandala colouring fashion but not before finding out the true meaning of the word and the reason why it has become so popular. Do you know the meaning of the word? We did a little research and discovered the word "Mandala" comes from Sanskrit and means "circle". A sacred circle, a wheel, a magic ring… these are some of the many words to describe this art.     One of the main goals is to encourage energy...