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Decorative Botanical pyramid
6 Mar
Welcome March! The month that will bring spring to us bit by bit, and with it, wild flowers and green leaves. In March, we will also be doing some decoration changes in our house, adapting it to spring, filled with fresh and lively colours. This month, we will begin bringing together new ideas to renew our decorative objects and give our living room a new vibe. Today we will show you one of these ideas: we’re going to create a decorative botanic pyramid, so you can show...
Sewing box
15 Feb
Finding the right sewing box that fully meets your needs can be a complicated task. As you know, we always favour anything you can do yourself, it will always turn out cooler and more personal. So if any of these thoughts have crossed your mind: "my sewing box is too small", "all my sewing stuff is in a mess" or "mine is really ugly"; this is your tutorial. Today we bring you an idea so you can organise everything in your sewing box, perfectly customised and exactly the...
DIY scratch card for Valentine’s day
8 Feb
One of the most loving yearly traditions there are is giving someone a large love card on Valentine's day. It is a beautiful way to communicate our love to our partner, family or friends. Year after year, very original and creative cards are made. A great alternative to buying one is making it yourself. Doing so, you'll be able to customise the design. This year we suggest a fun an interactive DIY scratch card. And you can create a gift voucher for the receiver: "worth a...
Pierced by a Valentine’s day arrow
2 Feb
Can you feel it? Something different is in the air... It smells like cotton candy, caramel kisses... Well, we might be going a little over the top! But no one can deny Valentine's day is fast approaching and, although some people are not keen on February the 14th, it's always a good day to give or get a little something. Don't you think? This year Cupid's arrows have pierced our boxes and they are eager to be part of a lover's gift. Each box is great for little details...
Accordion photo box
29 Jan
We all like to remember our latest holiday, that party from the other day, our most recent family meal... and we do it by taking hundreds of photos on our mobile phone. The problem is that those photos are quickly forgotten in our phone's gallery and we don’t get a chance to enjoy them on a regular basis. The cool idea we bring you today allows you to print all these photos easily so you can see and show them to people whenever you want. We are going to create an...