Moon wall sticker


16,53 € 16.53 /u.

Total: 16,53 €


There's so much love in this sticker! A wall sticker in the shape of the moon with the phrase "To the moon and back". Perfect to decorate the bedroom or living room and fill the space with love. 

Measures: width 50.7 cm / high: 52.8 cm


7 days*

* working days
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Moon wall sticker

At first glance
  • Moon sticker to express all your love on the wall or on a piece of furniture
  • Original and romantic! "To the moon and back"
What is this accessory like?
  • This moon wall sticker measures: width 50.7 cm / high: 52.8 cm. Sold individually
What is this accessory for?
  • A moon wall sticker, ideal to decorate any nook and cranny in your home
  • Revamps your decoration and will surprise everyone!