Cardboard Scalloped Tags (S)


1,24 € 1.24 /u.

Total: 1,24 €


10-cardboard label unit set with trimming for decorating your gifts. With a pretty touch of trimmed edges they are the perfect accessory to decorate any kind of presents. Write on them the name of the addressee and create a special gift! Available in various colours. Diameter: 5 cm Ø.  


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Cardboard Scalloped Tags (S)

At a glance...
  • These pretty labels with trimming are ideal for decorating small gifts.
  • Available in various colours, you can paint and personalise them.
What is this accessory like?
  • These circle cardboard labels have an original trimmed edge and are available in various colours. Being made of cardboard you can decorate them according to your taste with a marker or a pencil. Diameter: 5 cm Ø.
What is this accessory for?
  • These circle shaped cardboard labels are for decorating small jewellery gifts, wedding invitations or any other small presents.
  • Write on them the name of the adressee and add this original touch to your presents.