Vinyl decoration 'Love is in the air'


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Vinyl decoration perfect for Valentine's day or any other romantic occasion. Decorated with an original balloon, unique quotes and hearts. Love will certainly be in the air with this decoration! Includes 1 vinyl. Measures 27x19cm.


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Vinyl decoration 'Love is in the air'

At a glance…
  • Vinyl decoration, printed with the quote ‘Love is in the air’ and featuring cute hearts and a pink balloon.
  • This vinyl decoration is ideal for brightening up and item or for using in arts and crafts for Valentine’s day.
What is this box like?
  • This vinyl decoration has a transparent background, so what ever it is stuck upon can still be seen.
  • The bag includes a vinyl decoration for personalizing and decorating gifts, albums etc.
What is this box for?
  • This romantic vinyl is perfect for decorating or personalizing gift boxes.
  • It can be used to personalize Valentine’s day gifts or for handmade creations.
  • The perfect vinyl decoration to give any gift a romantic touch. Love is in the air!