3D cardboard heart


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How romantic!

Create and decorate your boxes and let your most romantic side roam free. With these three red 3D hearts, made of cardboard, you'll add a special touch to your gifts. Surprise whoever you want with these pretty hearts.

Each 3D heart is assembled by putting the pieces together and gluing them in the shape of the beautiful heart.

Three-dimensional love!


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3D cardboard heart

At a glance
  • Red 3D heart, to add a romantic touch to your gifts
  • Red and made of cardboard, they are ideal Valentines, Weddings or lovers’ gifts
What is this accessory like?
  • The kit includes 9 pieces, to build three 3D hearts
  • You'll need glue to fit the 3 parts together
What is this accessory for?
  • Kit with three 3D hearts to fill any gift with love
  • Easy to assemble, they'll add an original touch to any box
  • Check out the love this accessory can spread!