Inserts for candy boxes - 12 compartments


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Cardboard inserts for chocolates and truffles. 12 compartments. Valid for the box 2248_L. (Kit for one box).

Every space is 3x3 cm.


7 days*

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Inserts for candy boxes - 12 compartments

At a glance
  • Use this chocolate separator with our box of ref. 2248_L
  • Very useful for chocolate and sweet shops and bakeries
What is this accessory like?
  • This chocolate separator is made of cardboard and you'll find it available in two colours
What is this accessory for?
  • Use this separator for 12 chocolates to present them tidily. It provides an elegant touch if you want to give a box for chocolates as a gift. It is ideal for bakeries and chocolate shops that want to give their customers chocolate boxes. Use this separator for chocolates with our box of ref. 2248_L. and they'll look perfect as a gift!