Heart box for Vouchers or cards


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“Love Always”. Little details make a difference and, with this great little detail, you will surprise that special someone for sure.

A beautiful heart-shaped box three-dimensional box for a card or a "Voucher for...". Your imagination goes much further, so we will let you write whatever you wish on the little card, something you know your partner will love. 

Kraft coloured and with a beautiful “Love always” message, because we all love being loved. 

This Heart-shaped box for cards or vouchers will be the most romantic gift!


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Heart box for Vouchers or cards

At a glance
  • Original Heart-shaped box for vouchers or cards, for Valentine's day
  • A pretty heart-shaped box with the message “Love always”
  • Includes a small blank card for you to write whatever you want. Voucher for... you decide!
What this box is like
  • Heart-shaped box for vouchers or cards, Kraft coloured with a black print
  • Choose the size you prefer and decorate it to your taste, with ribbons, washi tape, and much With a 3D effect, to make any moment with your partner more original
  • Approximately 12X12 cm in size. It is very, very easy to assemble
What this box is for
  • This heart-shaped box is perfect for little cards or to customize the "Voucher for... " card
  • It is also ideal as a complement for any gift, to write a nice note for your partner inside the heart
  • Ideal for Valentine's day gifts