Gift stickers 'Happy'


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Kit comprising of 3 gift stickers of positive and happy quotes. Includes 2 round 7cm diameter stickers and a rectangular banner shaped sticker. Let all your positivity shine through with these stickers and decorate gifts full of love and happiness.


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Gift stickers 'Happy'

At a glance…
  • Original stickers for decorating gifts with printed quotes.
  • Includes 3 stickers featuring quotes full of positive energy, to kick start your day on a positive note.
What is this accessory like?
  • This kit includes 3 stickers: 2 round and 1 rectangular.
  • The 2 round stickers are 7cm in diameter and the rectangular banner shaped sticker measures 5x8cm.
What is this accessory for?
  • These stickers are perfect for decorating birthday or anniversary presents. Let the positive energy shine through!
  • These original stickers can also be used to decorate files, notebooks or any other item- start your day on a positive note!