Washi tape with silver squares


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With this washi tape featuring silver squares is an original and eye-catching complement for all your packages. 10-metre long roll of washi tape with a white background and silver squares. Shines brighter than the sun. 15 mm wide silver foil and washi-paper adhesive tape

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Washi tape with silver squares

At a glance...
  • The washi tape with silver squares is a flexible and re-positionable adhesive tape
  • Washi tape featuring shiny silver squares to make your gifts the centre of attention
What is this accessory like?
  • Roll of washi paper in white with silver squares
  • The silver foil in this tape makes it super shiny!
What is this accessory for?
  • Decorate anything you want to make it shine brighter than the sun
  • Because the silver squares washi tape is re-positionable, you can decorate anything you want without worrying about mistakes