Glass pot 250ml for scented candles or creams


Are you looking for a glass jar for your beauty products? Are you looking for a pot to hold handcrafted and scented candles?Whatever it is, this glass jar is perfect for all those products. It holds 250ml and includes a screw on lid, to prevent leaking and extend the useful life of products. Perfect for lotions, creams, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, handcrafted products and candles.

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Glass pot 250ml for scented candles or creams

At a glance
  • Glass jar for many cosmetic products!
  • Made of clear glass and with a 250ml capacity
  • Ideal for lotions, creams, scented candles, etc.
What this bottle is like
  • It holds 250ml and 233gr
  • Clear glass and with an aluminium lid
  • It is 76mm tall and 84mm in diameter
What this bottle is for
  • Glass jar for ointments or other beauty products
  • This jar lengthens the shelf life of your products
  • Sell your handcrafted products or make them into original gifts!