Colourful pegs


2,07 € 2.07 /u.

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Colourful pegs for your decorations!

Are you looking for a way to hang a card in an original way? If you are thinking of hanging an element in your wedding favours, an invitation or a little gift, these colourful pegs are perfect. You can use them in many decorations and will manage to transmit both joy and colour.

Red, blue, yellow and green (random amount of each colour)

Includes 24 units


7 days*

* working days
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Colourful pegs

At a glance...
  • Colourful pegs to decorate gifts or crafts
  • You can hang labels, postcards or anything you can imagine
What is this accessory like?
  • Colourful pegs: yellow, blue, red and green
  • The bag includes 24 little pegs
What is this accessory for?
  • Add colour to your gifts, favours or crafts with these colourful pegs
  • 24 pegs to add lots of colour to a wedding or christening invitation, a card with the name of a person or a little message in a pretty gift
  • Perfect for many different occasions