Black and white straws


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Black and white in your next party!

Prepare your next party with these black and white straws, with spots or stripes. You will add a fun touch to your drinks and will be able to combine them with a decoration "in black & white".

A 25-unit pack with black and white straws for your guests' drinks.

Let the party begin!


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Black and white straws

At a glance...
  • Black and white straws for parties
  • Surprise your guests with these 25 fun straws
What is this accessory like?
  • Black and white straws for drinks at your next celebration
  • The bag includes 25 straws
  • Printed with spots or stripes
What is this accessory for?
  • Your next party will be Black & White with these straws
  • 25 black and white straws with spots or stripes, for your favourite drinks!
  • Perfect for many occasions: birthday parties, christenings, celebrations..