Pink striped paper straws


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Pack of pink striped paper straws. Use them to serve drinks at any party, to add a bit of fun to the decoration. They are made with biodegradable paper, specially treated to be resistant to liquids.

Length: 19.5 cm. Width: 4.5 mm.

Paper straws which are all the rage, you’ll love them!


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Pink striped paper straws

At a glance
  • These decorated paper straws are perfect for serving drinks at birthday parties, children’s parties or any kind of informal event
  • You can also use them in your take-away business when you serve milkshakes, juices and teas, as they are made with liquid resistant paper
What is this accessory like?
  • These straws are made with a paper specifically developed for food products, which prolongs the rigidity of the straw
  • Measurements: 19.5 cm long and 4.5 mm wide
  • They come in packs of 25
What is this accessory for?
  • These paper straws will look great at birthday parties, weddings and events. Combine them with the rest of your decorations for your party
  • Also, if you work in the food and drink business you can use them to surprise your clients when you serve them juices, milkshakes etc.