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If you select this option we will review your design to verify it is correct

Here are some guidelines that will help you create a print-readyfile so the result is as expected: 

1 - File format

The format of your images must be .JPG, .GIF, .PNG or .TIFF. These formats will allow for great quality results as long as the following advice is followed. 

When you add the design, you are responsible for the content not leading to copyright infringement, make sure you have the right to use these images. 

2 - Colours

Files must be sent in RGB. Images in CMYK or Pantone colours will be converted to this profile automatically. 

3 - Resolution: 

Your image must be at a resolution of 300dpi, and mustn't go over 5MB. 

So as to cover the full printing area we advise you to use images that are the same size or bigger than the printable area. If not, your image may turn out blurred or pixelated. 

4- How it works:

You can make your design directly in the configuration panel and choose whether you want to add text or an image (one of the 2 options). 

The measurements of sticker labels vary according to the size: in the configuration panel preview, you will be able to visualize the measurements of each label depending on the size of the box you have chosen. 

5- Finish

- Sticker labels are printed on laminated matte plastic. This high quality material is more resistant than paper and allows the stickers to be removable. 

- Non-printed sticker labels are delivered in matte paper, so you can write on them without inconvenience and with any kind of pen or felt-tip-pen. These labels are non-removable. 

6. Amount: 

When you create a sticker label (printed or otherwise), the same amount of labels as you have chosen for the boxes will be added to your shopping cart. This amount can be modified later in your order overview screen.  

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Material: vinilo plastificado mate (removible)
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Square custom stickers

At a glance…
  • Create personalised stickers with your own designs, and decorate any present with unique stickers designed by you.
  • You can upload an image, add a background colour or add a text to the personalised sticker.
What is this accessory like?
  • Choose the size of the sticker out of the range of sizes available.
  • Design your personalised stickers adding a text and a background colour, or if you prefer you can upload a beautiful image to decorate your sticker.
What is this accessory for?
  • With these personalised stickers you can decorate your gifts in an original and unique way; personalising favours for weddings, events etc.
  • You can create personalised stickers with your company logo in order to personalise the packaging of your shop.