Cardboard tray for cookies

REF: 2529

The cardboard tray is the most ecological and economical way to present your cookies, biscuits or any other sweetie. You can use them as display or for carrying them around, you just need to wrap it with waxed paper or any other paper you'd like.  

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Assembly: 0,5 minutes

0,67 € /un.

Total: 133,01 €*

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Our boxes are manufactured on request. That’s why on orders over 50 boxes, you’ll see that the price per unit increases. However, if you purchase more boxes, the price per unit will be reduced.




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Cardboard tray for cookies

At a glance...
  • Available un two sizes: one is squared while the other is more extended which makes it easier to adapt to cookies, biscuits or nibbles.
  • Available in white and kraft or black and kraft so whichever you choose they will definetely stand out.
What is this accessory like?
  • This cookie box tray is suitable for food as it's covered with laminated plastic so you're safe to keep any food you desire (available in color white and black).
  • Does not need any assembling just fold the sides and you're done!
What is this accessory for?
  • This box is perfect for cake shops, cupcake shops and bistros. Place your sweet creations in it!
  • Also ideal for caterings and for everyone that is planning to celebrate. Easy, economical and ecological way to display all your appetizers.