100% recycled self-assembly cardboard box

REF: 2528

The 100% recycled self-assembly cardboard box is a multifunctional and versatile box if ever there was one, and it is even eco-friendly. What more could you ask for? This grey one-cardboard piece box will be useful as a shipment box, for gifts, or even just for decorating any area inside your home! To assemble this box, a glue gun is required.

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Assembly: 0,5 minutes

1,43 € /un.

Total: 285,58 €*

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Our boxes are manufactured on request. That’s why on orders over 50 boxes, you’ll see that the price per unit increases. However, if you purchase more boxes, the price per unit will be reduced.




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100% recycled self-assembly cardboard box

At a glance...
  • This self-assembly box is made in strong, 100% recycled cardboard
  • Perfect as a gift box, for shipments or just for decoration
What is this accessory like?
  • Original strong recycled cardboard box made up of one piece that bends in on itself.
  • Its pressure-button closure makes it super original; everybody will notice this packaging
What is this accessory for?
  • This 100% recycled self-assembly cardboard box is highly versatile, and so you can use it as a shipment box for your e-commerce business, or as gift packaging in your shop, or even just for decoration inside your living room!
  • Due to it being strong it’s perfect for protecting fragile objects.