Tray for hot dogs and cakes

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Card food tray for sponge cakes or hot dogs, chips and take away food. Perfect packaging for food truck services. Lid not included. Easy assembly. No glue required. Store them easily.

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Tray for hot dogs and cakes

At a glance…
  • Card food tray perfect for sponge cakes, hot dogs and take away food. Its scalloped edge makes the card food tray unique.
  • Easy assembly, no glue required.
What is this box like?
  • This cardboard food tray, ideal for take away food, is made up of a single piece. Easy assembly and no glue required. Available in food safe cardboard, which is greaseproof.
What is this box for?
  • This cardboard food tray is excellent for take away food. Ideal for food trucks and food market stalls.
  • Due to its easy assembly and the fact that it doesn’t require glue is perfect for any type of food.
  • This cardboard tray box is original, useful and simple thanks to its scalloped edge at the top.