Pizza Box

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Sturdy plain cardboard boxes, they are similar to the ones for pizzas. Available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. A pizza box very easy to assemble. No glue required

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Assembly: 0,5 minutes

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Total: £ 54,45

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Our boxes are manufactured on request. That’s why on orders over 50 boxes, you’ll see that the price per unit increases. However, if you purchase more boxes, the price per unit will be reduced.




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Pizza Box

At a glance…
  • This pizza box is made of a thick cardboard with great resistence.
  • It does not need any type of adhesive and it is easy to mount.
  • Use it for shipping any kind object or gift.
What is this box like?
  • This pizza boxis made of a thick cardboard box with great resistence. It is made up of a single piece and it does not need any glue for its mounting. It closes with a simple flap system which fits perfectly for protecting in a secure way the object it contains. It is available in 3 sizes./li>
What is this box for?
  • It is ideal as a shipping box, for being made of carboard with great resistence. It is available in 3 different sizes, for what you can use it for shipping gifts with different dimensions. It is a resistant but pretty box because of this it is perfect as a box for handmade artworks and handmade art work shops. You can also decorate it and use it as an original gift box. It is a simple but surprising wrapper!
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    Perfect! Thank you so much
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    The pizza boxes were not 'thick' cardboard as described on the web site; they measure 1.5mm.