Mug Box

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This mug box is resistant and original with two cut out holes to see the mug that’s inside. It's made from resistant cardboard to avoid shocks, you’ll need a hot glue applie to assemble this box.

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Assembly: 1 minute

£ 0,35 /un.

Total: £ 69,42*

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Our boxes are manufactured on request. That’s why on orders over 50 boxes, you’ll see that the price per unit increases. However, if you purchase more boxes, the price per unit will be reduced.




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Mug Box

Quick quality product. Amazing.
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Mug Box

At a glance…
  • Available for 1 or 2 mugs.
  • You can buy it with or without circular window.
  • It is a resistant cardboard box which will protect the mugs.
What is this box like?
  • This mug box is made of a resistandt cardboard to protect the mugs it contains in its inside. Its closes with one simple flap. You can ask for it with a circular hole on its side so the mugs could be seen from outside. Or if you prefer keeping the surprise for later you can ask for a plain box , without a hole.
What is this box for?
  • This mug box is perfect as a gift box for a mug, also you can ask for a box for 1 or 2 mugs. The perfect wrapper for an original gift. You can also use it for any other type of gifts that are fragile. As it is a box made of thick cardboard it will protect perfectly the object that it contains. A simple but classy gift box!
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Quick quality product. Amazing.
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    I love these boxes. They really improve the 'gift' effect and fvmy mugs. So much so I've been able to raise their price and sell more.
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Without comments.
  • 4/ 5estrellas
    simple to put together, good sturdy box. delivered on time.
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Without comments.
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Without comments.
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Love them! Easy to assemble. Can now rattle a dozen off in 10 minutes. My mugs look great in them too.
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Love, love, love the product. Fabulous and easy to assemble. The sweets helped put the first box together. Sugar rush to,the brain!
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Without comments.
  • 5/ 5estrellas
    Great boxes. Easy to esamble. The mug fits perfectly and is very stable in the box.