Millboard document wallet

REF: 0051

Card folder, original and elegant, perfect for presenting documents to clients, as well as photographs or any other type of material in A4 format. To put it together a hot glue gun will be needed. 

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Assembly: 1,5 minutes

2,85 € /un.

Total: 569,49 €*

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Our boxes are manufactured on request. That’s why on orders over 50 boxes, you’ll see that the price per unit increases. However, if you purchase more boxes, the price per unit will be reduced.




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Millboard document wallet

At a glance ...
  • This folder is made from a type of rigid and resistant cardboard.
  • Suitable for holding DIN A4 documents, photographs, etc.
  • Closes through the original flap.
What is this box like?
  • This card folder is made up of one single piece, folded over and closes through a flap system that incorporates two holes. As it is made of resistant and sturdy card, it is perfect for holding documents or photographs, protecting them and making sure they do not bend.
  • No need to add any type of tape to secure the closing, but you can decorate it with a rubber band or one of our decorative labels.
What is this box for?
  • This folder has hundreds of uses. You can use it as an elegant way to deliver documents to your customers, or to protect photographs and other documents to avoid bending. You can also use it as gift-wrapping when giving someone a drawing, photograph or valuable document. Add a touch of color with an accessory.