Kraft packaging tape


3,31 € 3.31 /u.

Total: 3,31 €


Kraft adhesive tape, ideal for sealing your packages. Perfect for continuing to take care of the aesthetics of your shipments, free of plastic and without losing strength. Resistant against water and dust, your package will reach its destination intact.

  • 50 meters long x 5 cm wide

7 days*

* working days
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Kraft packaging tape

At a glance...
  • Perfect packaging tape to seal your shipments
  • The best way to protect and seal your packages
What is this accessory like?
  • Adhesive packing tape in kraft color
  • 50 meters long x 5 cm wide
What is this accessory for?
  • With this tape you can pack your packages in a more sustainable and equally resistant way
  • Use it for both personal and professional use