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This transparent label with the words "Thank you" printed in white, adds a unique touch to your packaging as well as making your deliveries more secure. Placing this simple label over the seal of the delivery box provides an extra element of security and demonstrates your attention to detail.

Includes 20 units


7 days*

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Transparent label

At a glance...
  • Transparent packaging label. Suitable for all types of delivery box. Size: 142mm x 72mm.
  • The first thing your customers will see is the message printed on the label, giving a personal touch to the delivery.
What is this accessory like?
  • Transparent "Thank you" label that can be placed over the join between the base and the lid of a delivery box. Improves delivery security.
  • Keeps the box securely closed and demonstrates your intention to ensure the delivery arrives in perfect condition.
What is this accessory for?
  • Perfect for product deliveries.
  • Use this "Thank you" label to make a great first impression on your customers. Let them see how in-touch and customer-focused your business is.