Bottle for cosmetics or pharmacy products


A vintage look for your products! With this bottle for cosmetics (fragrances) or pharmacy products, with a vintage look.  A dark amber-coloured bottle that comes with a screw on 28mm aluminium top. Ideal to prevent leaking. This bottle for fragrances or cosmetics is ideal for a wide range of liquids, perfect for pharmaceutical and light sensitive lab products too.

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Bottle for cosmetics or pharmacy products

At a glance
  • Bottle for cosmetics in amber-coloured glass. It gives a traditional look to your oils, creams or lotions.
  • The top screws on, and is 28mm in diameter, to avoid leaking
  • A vintage look for your oils, creams or lotions
What this bottle is like
  • It holds 100 ml and 68 gr
  • The glass is amber coloured
  • Measurements: 129,5mm tall
What this bottle is for
  • Bottle for cosmetics, ideal for fragrances, creams, oils or lotions. Also ideal for pharmacy products
  • A traditional look, ideal for your handmade creations
  • And a beautiful bottle!