Glass jar for preserves


Ideal to make them both by pasteurization double boiling them at 90 degrees or sterilization with a pressure cooker at 115 degrees. Includes an airtight top with a natural latex seal, so it is tightly closed. Ideal as a glass jar for preserves, salts or other products. Adds a traditional touch to your preserves. It holds 125 ml and 299 g. 

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Glass jar for preserves

At a glance
  • Glass jar for preserves
  • Airtight top, for greater security
  • See-through glass, to show off your creations
What this bottle is like
  • It holds 125 ml and 299 gr
  • See-through white glass and airtight top, with a natural latex seal
  • Measurements: 73mm tall
What this bottle is for
  • This airtight glass jar for preserves is also ideal for creams and salts
  • Prepare delicious preserves and keep them tightly closed with this glass jar
  • Everyone will love them, and their mouths will be watering!