Christmas wall sticker "Let it snow"


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Christmas wall sticker with fir and Christmas tree design and with the sentence “Let it snow” Add a Christmas touch to your home. 1 wall sticker. Measures 27x19 cm.


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Christmas wall sticker "Let it snow"

At a glance…
  • One decorative wall sticker, with a "Let it snow" phrase print and a drawing of some pretty fir trees under a snowy sky.
  • These decorative wall stickers are perfect to decorate gift boxes or for handmade projects.
What is this box like?
  • This wall sticker has a see-through background, so you can see the colour of the surface you stick it to.
  • This bag includes one decorative wall sticker to decorate and customise your gifts, albums, etc.
What is this box for?
  • This wall sticker is perfect to decorate or customise your presents. You will create very original and unique presents.
  • You can use this decorative wall sticker over any spot or object. The perfect Christmas wall sticker. When winter comes... Let it snow!