Mint-green spotty ribbon


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The mint-green ribbon with beige spots will give your gifts a special touch. This ribbon provides a simple, natural touch, so show the person receiving the gift how much they mean to you by filling it with ribbon and love. You’ll have more than enough spotty ribbon!


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Mint-green spotty ribbon

At a glance...
  • Mint-green ribbon material with beige spots. Simple yet pretty
  • 1.5cm-wide ribbon material
What is this accessory like?
  • 10 metre-long roll. So that you don’t run out of material in the most important moments.
  • Mint-green ribbon material with beige spots, 15mm wide, will look great with any gift
What is this accessory for?
  • Mint-green ribbon material with white spots is perfect to decorate your boxes and gifts, making them all stylish
  • You can use it for all your crafts, scrapbooking or even with small decoration projects. Success is guaranteed!