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How to wrap bottles
21 Mar
Are you considering a wine bottle as a gift? As you know, wrapping a bottle is not an easy task. The way you present the bottle is essential to create a great first impression! The bottle wrapping nightmare is over, today we teach you How to wrap bottles in 11 different styles. Your present will look amazing! A quality product is not enough to surprise people since the importance of packaging and presentation grows daily. It can lead your present or product to success or...
How to make a surprise box or mystery box
24 Feb
After our romantic breakfast post, today we want you to prepare something very, very cool for the next birthday, celebration or special date coming up. Here is a fun tutorial where we will show you How to make a surprise box or a mystery box. A surprise, what fun! Everyone likes to be surprised once in a while. And this box will be intriguing from the start. What is it hiding? You can put different kinds of presents in it: gifts by textures, gifts for your secret santa,...
How to prepare a romantic breakfast
14 Feb
Are you still looking for an idea for Valentine's day? Don't panic, you are still on time to prepare some very, very cool stuff. Are you thinking of a surprise dinner? Don't wait until the evening to impress your partner! Today we show you How to prepare a romantic breakfast. A romantic breakfast is the perfect way to surprise your other half this year. Start the day with a pretty, delicious and romantic breakfast. It doesn't matter whether you bring it to the bed or the...
Five senses box
9 Feb
Thinking about your Valentine's day gift? Surprising your partner gets harder and harder, saturated as we are by impersonal gift ideas. This is why there are more and more of us that choose to go for handmade gifts. If you really want to surprise your partner, so he or she is lost for words like never before, you'll love today's post (and be sure to check out the end, which will surprise you). Today we want to show you how to prepare the "Five senses box". The most personal...
Gift boxes with free printables
1 Feb
Today we want to bring some cool ideas, cool to surprise everyone with little gifts. Because... who doesn't love getting really pretty gift boxes? If you are thinking of making an original present, we have the key so the person who gets the gift gets excited before even opening it. They are just so cute! Say it a thousand different ways, but all as surprising. Don't miss a single detail, today's post comes full of surprises and a FREEBIE! A downloadable with pretty...