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How to print personalised boxes at SelfPackaging
18 Jan
At this point in time we are sure you already know it is possible to print personalised boxes directly from SelfPackaging, right? It is not possible for every single one of our card boxes, or at least not directly from the website, but it is possible to make a special request for a quote for any of our boxes for orders over 250 items by filling the form at "Are you a company?".   How do you print personalised boxes?   So you can see how easy it is, we...
Bowling pins: Snowmen
10 Jan
Happy new year everyone! Loaded with new ideas and plenty excitement, we are starting off the year in a creative mood. Here is the first DIY in 2018. A craft that will become a great pastime for the little ones. Creating it first and then playing with it. All the kids in the family can have a blast creating a set of bowling pins out of recycled cardboard shaped like snowmen. And when they are done they can enjoy a fun bowling game using a ball of wrapping paper. Easy, fun...
Travel Memories
6 Nov
When we go on a trip we take time to take photos and videos so we can remember everything we’ve experienced. For the photos we’ve got albums and prints. With all the videos we make we can create a film. But, what happens with the things that we collect during the trip? Plane tickets, seashells from the beach, maps that we’ve used or even souvenirs that we’ve bought. Where do we keep all these things that are full of memories? They’re all part of our experience...
How to make a projector out of a shoe box
14 Oct
You have probably thought you'd like to have a projector at home before, but you've given up the idea because they are very expensive. You have probably thought of it when you wanted to show your group of friends your holiday photos or videos. We have good news: making a DIY projector, is possible! With two magnifying glasses and a mobile phone we can make our own projector and set up our own cinema at home. Don't forget you'll need a white wall on which to...
Colouring in Mandala boxes to recharge our batteries
2 Oct
This month we decided to follow the Mandala colouring fashion but not before finding out the true meaning of the word and the reason why it has become so popular. Do you know the meaning of the word? We did a little research and discovered the word "Mandala" comes from Sanskrit and means "circle". A sacred circle, a wheel, a magic ring… these are some of the many words to describe this art.     One of the main goals is to encourage energy...