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Easter Chocolate
23 Mar
Ladies and gentlemen, it's almost Easter! This means we will soon be surrounded by bunnies, pastel coloured eggs and, of course, chocolate. Heaps of chocolate of every kind, shape and size. At SelfPackaging we love a holiday, but we are crazy about giving them a twist with our cardboard boxes. This time we thought you may want to prepare one of these two surprise boxes for that special someone near you. Whether they are children or not... they will love it! Love has no...
Balloon decoration: DIY
20 Oct
After our post on Candy Bars, today we're giving you a tutorial consisting of balloon decoration, a rising trend in all sorts of parties.   Ideal for decorating any corner, the aero-static balloon decoration is perfect to surprise your guests. Easy to build and personalise to your liking.   We're showing you two different styles; one focused towards weddings and more occasional dates and another more simple, perfect for all sorts of...
Back to school: Recycled toys from small cardboard boxes
4 Sep
Mums and dads, there’s not long left until the start of the school year 2016-2017, and undoubtedly for many of you, the kids will find it hard getting back into the old routine: classes, books, early mornings and studying. After all that summer fun, it’s time to get your skates on. To make all of this a bit less difficult, we bring you some handicrafts for when your kids go back to school. Recycled toys using our cardboard boxes.   Have fun with your kids by...
How to design your own stickers at SelfPackaging
25 Aug
Today we are bringing you a DIY tutorial of how to design your own stickers at SelfPackaging, what do you think? It’s been a while since we started this section and we wanted to show you step by step how to make stickers that are original, beautiful and personal to you, because yes, we are that nice and you are to and you deserve it. What do you think of these examples of what you can make?         Well let’s get going, step by...
How to make a piñata with love, a lot of love
21 Jul
(The idea for this tutorial was conceived and photographed by the one and only Marta from 2nd funniest thing).   Piñatas are trending at the moment. You will have seen them on Pinterest, Instagram and in decoration magazines, bringing a special touch to a ‘handmade’ party. Well at SelfPackaging, we want to make the most of this post by declaring ourselves to be nothing but fans of the piñata movement, especially the heart shaped ones. That is why today we...